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    Economic vitality in a transition to sustainability

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    The good news is that many of the solutions to this extraordinary problem are within reach. Many of the solutions to global warming are not only feasible, they are economically and socially beneficial. While some claim that addressing global warming will have a negative impact on the economy, the most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ("IPCC") asserts that there is substantial economic potential for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decade. In fact, there is a growing global market to address global warming, and the United States must act now or risk being left behind.Climate change, mitigation, resilience

    Construction of Regional Economic Vitality Model

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    Regional economic vitality reflects the scale and development potential of a region’s economy. It largely determines the development of the city, and is also affected by many factors such as population competitiveness, corporate competitiveness, market vitality, innovation vitality, and environmental vitality. A pilot model was constructed with Hebei Province as the inspection area. Quantitative measurement of regional economic vitality was made by finding 21 indicators that indirectly or indirectly affect the economic vitality of Hebei Province. By analyzing the data of 21 indicators for nearly 10 years, the time series clustering is used to achieve the dimensionality reduction of the indicators. After the dimension reduction, it is divided into four categories: overall scale, development potential, market vitality, and innovation vitality. Construct the economic vitality structure model of Hebei Province, and determine the four types of contribution to economic vitality and compare them. On this basis, more accurately grasp the indicators that affect economic vitality and work out reasonable and effective action plans. From the perspective of human resources and corporate vitality, analyze how the action plan accurately affects the economic vitality of Hebei Province[1]. The 11 cities in Hebei Province are the target of regional economic vitality. The economic vitality structure model constructed uses the required contribution value to select priority indicators. Finally, the six indicators of GPD, GPD growth rate, fiscal revenue, fiscal revenue growth rate, number of industrial enterprises above designated size, and total profit of industrial enterprises above designated size were established for eleven cities in Hebei Province to construct a TOPSIS scoring model, and calculation rankings were conducted through MATLAB. Results The top three cities were Shijiazhuang, Tangshan and Cangzhou

    The Global Edge: An Agenda for Chicago's Future

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    Examines the challenges the city faces in sustaining economic vitality, and lays out the priorities for the next two decades: improve transportation and infrastructure, build human capital, and increase global engagement

    A Great Reckoning: Healing a Growing Divide: A Summary of the Boston Indicators Report 2009

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    Summarizes the Boston Indicators Project's findings on the city's economic, social, and technological progress in civic vitality, cultural life and the arts, economy, education, environment, health, housing, public safety, technology, and transportation

    location ... location ... location!

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    Introduction During the past 30 years, ru ral Midwest states have put considerable effort and resources toward programs and policies to boost their economic development. However, few have experienced significant economic success. Most rural counties have not prospered in proportion to the amount of resources devoted to development. A recent Bureau of Business Research study reviewed the economic vitality of Nebraska\u27s 93 counties, and selected counties in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri- 218, in all (Figure 1). The relationships between vitality, economic size, and location were analyzed. Vitality is determined by weighing several economic factors, population detenmines economic size, and location refers to a county\u27s proximity to growth factors, such as an interstate highway or a metro area. Counties with the Most Economic Vitality Counties with the Least Economic Vitality Conclusio

    Research on the Economic Vitality of the Northeast China

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     Economic vitality is an important indicator of regional competitiveness. The demand for talents and the vitality of enterprises in different regions are obvious to all and have practical significance. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a survey data model and conduct in-depth study on improving regional economic vitality from the perspective of policy.Based on a variety of forecasting methods, this paper analyzes the short-term and long-term impact of economic policies in Northeast China, and finally puts forward the factors that affect the economic vitality of northeast policies. Finally, the paper puts forward the feasibility and targeted suggestions of strengthening regional economic vitality, obtaining long-term development and building a more competitive city in the new era.

    Regional Economic Vitality Based on Weighted Grey Relational Analysis

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    Abstract: The future development of cities has a great relationship with economic vitality. To determine the size of the economic vitality and its main influencing factors. This article takes some cities in China as examples. First, determine the main factors. Aiming at many factors, this paper starts from the perspective of population changes in different cities and changes in corporate vitality. After applying the rough set theory to objectively evaluate index weights, the main factors are screened out. Then, the weights of the corresponding evaluation indexes of each group of cities are calculated by a multiple linear regression to a weighted index system, and then the cities are ranked using the gray correlation analysis method. Finally, we get the ranking of the economic vitality level of different cities. Finally, suggestions are made based on the weighting factors of major factors and economic vitality

    New England’s foreign-born population today

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    Since the 1600s, immigrants have been drawn to New England, and even now parts of the region would be losing population and economic vitality if not for the foreign-born population. UNH’s Carsey Institute analyzes the demographics.Immigrants - New England

    Policy Guide For Municipal Leaders and Legislators

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    This Guide for Municipal Leaders and Legislators, is a companion to the full 2013 State of Our Estuaries Report, and focuses more specifically on what state and local leaders can do to improve environmental conditions in the estuaries. It provides a short list of priority policy options for decision-makers to consider, as well as model efforts from our own communities that can be replicated in support of our environmental health and economic vitality
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