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    D-divisible quantum evolution families

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    We propose and explore a notion of decomposably divisible (D-divisible) differentiable quantum evolution families on matrix algebras. This is achieved by replacing the complete positivity requirement, imposed on the propagator, by more general condition of decomposability. It is shown that such D-divisible dynamical maps satisfy a generalized version of Master equation and are totally characterized by their time-local generators. Necessary and sufficient conditions for D-divisibility are found. Additionally, decomposable trace preserving semigroups are examined

    On the degree of non-Markovianity of quantum evolution

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    We propose a new characterization of non-Markovian quantum evolution based on the concept of non-Markovianity degree. It provides an analog of a Schmidt number in the entanglement theory and reveals the formal analogy between quantum evolution and the entanglement theory: Markovian evolution corresponds to a separable state and non-Markovian one is further characterized by its degree. It enables one to introduce a non-Markovinity witness -- an analog of an entanglement witness -- and a family of measures -- an analog of Schmidt coefficients -- and finally to characterize maximally non-Markovian evolution being an analog of maximally entangled state. Our approach allows to classify the non-Markovianity measures introduced so far in a unified rigorous mathematical framework.Comment: 5 page