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    Air removal device

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    The disclosure concerns a device suitable for removing air from water under both zero and one 'g' gravity conditions. The device is comprised of a pair of spaced membranes on being hydrophobic and the other being hydrophilic. The air-water mixture is introduced into the space therebetween, and the selective action of the membranes yields removal of the air from the water

    Condensate removal device for heat exchanger

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    A set of perforated tubes disposed at the gas output side of a heat exchanger, in a position not to affect the rate of flow of the air or other gas is described. The tubes are connected to a common manifold which is connected to a sucking device. Where it is necessary to conserve and recirculate the air sucked through the tubes, the output of the manifold is run through a separator to remove the condensate from the gas. The perforations in the slurper tubes are small, lying in the range of 0.010 inch to 0.100 inch. The tubes are disposed in contact with the surfaces of the heat exchanger on which the condensate is precipitated, whether fins or plates, so that the water may be directed to the tube openings by means of surface effects, together with the assistance of the air flow. Only about 5 percent of the air output need be thus diverted, and it effectively removes virtually all of the condensate

    Condensate-removal device for heat exchangers

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    Device comprises array of perforated tubes manifolded together and connected to a vacuum suction device. Vacuum applied to these tubes pulls mixture of condensate and effluent gas through perforations and along length of tubes to discharge device. Discharge device may be a separator which separates water vapor from effluent air and allows recirculation of both of them

    Rate of heat extraction controller for environmental control

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    Automatic control device measures a physiological parameter related to heat production and conditions it to control the heat removal capacity of a watercooled environmental control suit

    Electrical grounding bracket

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    Device serves as common grounding point for shielded wires of multipin electrical connector and permits addition or removal of ground leads without disturbing other grounded wires

    Recommendations of the panels: Panel on ozone destruction techniques

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    Catalyst materials to reduce weight, size, and cost of the ozone removal device were developed. Catalyst bed lifetime, competitive reactivity contaminants in the inlet air on the catalyst bed efficiency for ozone removal, and the kinetics and mechanism by which ozone is destroyed on selected catalysts were studied

    Bicycle Snow Removal Device

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    ME450 Capstone Design and Manufacturing Experience: Fall 2015This project was motivated by Professor Martin Strauss, a University of Michigan Math and Computer Science professor. Professor Strauss desired an environmental and residential friendly snow removal device that can be easily attached to his bicycle and clear snow as he rides. The project addresses the challenge of reducing carbon emissions and noise produced by large scale commercial snow blowers. While the concept of a human powered snow removal device is not new, there are no devices available on the market that achieve this goal. Through research, the team found several models of human powered snow removal devices but none of these designs have been patented or commercialized.http://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/117345/1/ME450-F15-Project28-FinalReport.pd

    Braking mechanism is self actuating and bidirectional

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    Mechanism automatically applies a braking action on a moving item, in either direction of motion, immediately upon removal of the driving force and with no human operator involvement. This device would be useful wherever free movement is undesirable after an object has been guided into a precise position

    Epidemiology and natural history of central venous access device use and infusion pump function in the NO16966 trial

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    Background: Central venous access devices in fluoropyrimidine therapy are associated with complications; however, reliable data are lacking regarding their natural history, associated complications and infusion pump performance in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.<p></p> Methods: We assessed device placement, use during treatment, associated clinical outcomes and infusion pump perfomance in the NO16966 trial.<p></p> Results: Device replacement was more common with FOLFOX-4 (5-fluorouracil (5-FU)+oxaliplatin) than XELOX (capecitabine+oxaliplatin) (14.1% vs 5.1%). Baseline device-associated events and post-baseline removal-/placement-related events occurred more frequently with FOLFOX-4 than XELOX (11.5% vs 2.4% and 8.5% vs 2.1%). Pump malfunctions, primarily infusion accelerations in 16% of patients, occurred within 1.6–4.3% of cycles. Fluoropyrimidine-associated grade 3/4 toxicity was increased in FOLFOX-4-treated patients experiencing a malfunction compared with those who did not (97 out of 155 vs 452 out of 825 patients), predominantly with increased grade 3/4 neutropenia (53.5% vs 39.8%). Febrile neutropenia rates were comparable between patient cohorts±malfunction. Efficacy outcomes were similar in patient cohorts±malfunction.<p></p> Conclusions: Central venous access device removal or replacement was common and more frequent in patients receiving FOLFOX-4. Pump malfunctions were also common and were associated with increased rates of grade 3/4 haematological adverse events. Oral fluoropyrimidine-based regimens may be preferable to infusional 5-FU based on these findings

    Computer circuit card puller

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    The invention generally relates to hand tools, and more particularly to an improved device for facilitating removal of printed circuit cards from a card rack characterized by longitudinal side rails arranged in a mutually spaced parallelism and a plurality of printed circuit cards extended between the rails of the rack
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