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    Sustainability in the theology curriculum

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    This is the author's PDF version of a book chapter available in Sustainability education: Perspectives and practice across higher education. Edited by Paula Jones, David Selby, and Stephen Sterling. London: Earthscan, 2010. This book chapter was reproduced with the kind permission of EasthScan.This book chapter discusses how theology has the potential to contribute to education for sustainable development

    Fighting at the command of God: Reassessing the borderline case in Karl Barth’s account of war in the Church dogmatics

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    This is the author's pdf version of the book chapter.This book chapter discusses Karl Barth's attitudes to warfare and pacifism.This book chapter was submitted to the RAE2008 for the University of Chester - Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies

    Medical advertising in the Wrexham press, 1855-1906

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    This is the author's PDF version of a book chapter published by Oak Knoll Press & The British Library© 2005.This book chapter discusses the variety of medical advertisements found in Wrexham newspapers from 1855 to 1906

    Women, identity and employment in East Germany

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    This book chapter was reproduced with the kind permission of Continuum books.This book chapter discusses Marxist feminism and female employment in the GDR, current attitudes to employment amongst East German women, and pre-unification versus post-unification factors and their impact on identity formation

    Interval Semirings

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    This book has seven chapters. In chapter one we give the basics needed to make this book a self contained one. Chapter two introduces the notion of interval semigroups and interval semifields and are algebraically analysed. Chapter three introduces special types of interval semirings like matrix interval semirings and interval polynomial semirings. Chapter four for the first time introduces the notion of group interval semirings, semigroup interval semirings, loop interval semirings and groupoid interval semirings and these structures are studied. Interval neutrosophic semirings are introduced in chapter five. Applications of these structures are given in chapter six. The final chapter suggests around 120 problems for the reader.Comment: 155 pages; Published by Kappa & Omega in 201

    The problem with human equality: Towards a non-exclusive account of the moral value of creatures in the company of Martha Nussbaum

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    This is that author's pdf version of the book chapter.This book chapter discusses human equality

    Music and nationalism

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    Unpublished manuscript book chapter related to the book Culture and Authenticity (2007), Oxford: Basil Blackwell

    Selected topics in information technology : series 1

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    This volume is devoted to the recent developments on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems and applications spread across various domain. It seeks to illustrate the potential of Information Technology for a wide range of applications via a systematic collection of recent methods, procedures, and applications designed to solve real-life problems. This book contains ten chapters that emphasize recent information technologies development. Each chapter has been carefully selected to represent a distinctive domain, each with its own unique theoretical, methodological, and empirical developments of solutions on different platforms. The content of this book is organized as follows: Chapter 1 models an assistive ICT solution for people with health concerns by monitoring the patients’ general well-being and medicine intake. In Chapter 2, a standard brick-and-mortar directory kiosk is transformed to allow a virtual walkthrough through an experiential approach. Chapter 3 details out a proof of concept for a monitoring system dedicated for air quality for upto-the-minute information that helps user optimize their decisions. Chapter 4 looks into tailoring human resource management system for home furnishing business. Apart from monitoring and management system, Chapter 5 presents a yet another management system but for facilitators in managing campus orientation programs. Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 are social systems for planning a wedding and marriage matchmaking. The online systems cater from pre-to post wedding, hence suggesting a complete chain of new business model. In Chapter 8, an online practical exam system focuses on one specific course for an undergraduate program at UTHM. Finally, Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 present interesting information systems for expecting mothers and a decision support system for promoting Korean skincare products online. The opportunities now afforded by ICT as deliberated in this book ensures that there is great potential to serve a wide range of audiences. The editors would like to thank chapters’ contributors for their valuable contributions to make this book a success. The edited research book would not have been possible without them