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    Method for Procedural 3D Printing Using a Python Library

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    Support-less Horizontal Filament-Stacking by Layer-less FDM

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    This paper proposes a layer-less fused-deposition-modeling (FDM) method, which enables mostly horizontal stacking of filament without support material and which can avoid seams easily.Mechanical Engineerin

    Self-organized 3D-Printing Patterns Simulated by Cellular Automata

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    Abstract. 3D printers are usually used for printing objects designed by 3D CAD exactly, i.e., deterministically. However, 3D printing pro-cess contains stochastic self-organization process that generate emergent patterns. A method for generating fully self-organized patterns using a fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer has been developed. Melted plastic filament is extruded constantly in this method; however, by using this method, various patterns, such as stripes, splitting and/or merg-ing patterns, and meshes can be generated. A cellular-automata-based computational model that can simulate such patterns have also been developed.