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    Stability Analysis of Continuous-Time Switched Systems with a Random Switching Signal

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    This paper is concerned with the stability analysis of continuous-time switched systems with a random switching signal. The switching signal manifests its characteristics with that the dwell time in each subsystem consists of a fixed part and a random part. The stochastic stability of such switched systems is studied using a Lyapunov approach. A necessary and sufficient condition is established in terms of linear matrix inequalities. The effect of the random switching signal on system stability is illustrated by a numerical example and the results coincide with our intuition.Comment: 6 pages, 6 figures, accepted by IEEE-TA

    Optically-Nonactive Assorted Helices Array with Interchangeable Magnetic/Electric Resonance

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    We report here the designing of optically-nonactive metamaterial by assembling metallic helices with different chirality. With linearly polarized incident light, pure electric or magnetic resonance can be selectively realized, which leads to negative permittivity or negative permeability accordingly. Further, we show that pure electric or magnetic resonance can be interchanged at the same frequency band by merely changing the polarization of incident light for 90 degrees. This design demonstrates a unique approach to construct metamaterial.Comment: 15 pages, 4 figure