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    Dispelling the Anthropic Principle from the Dimensionality Arguments

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    It is shown that in d=11 supergravity, under a very reasonable ansatz, the nearly flat spacetime in which we are living must be 4-dimensional without appealing to the Anthropic Principle. Can we dispel the Anthropic Principle completely from cosmology?Comment: 7 pages, Essa

    Competent genetic-evolutionary optimization of water distribution systems

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    A genetic algorithm has been applied to the optimal design and rehabilitation of a water distribution system. Many of the previous applications have been limited to small water distribution systems, where the computer time used for solving the problem has been relatively small. In order to apply genetic and evolutionary optimization technique to a large-scale water distribution system, this paper employs one of competent genetic-evolutionary algorithms - a messy genetic algorithm to enhance the efficiency of an optimization procedure. A maximum flexibility is ensured by the formulation of a string and solution representation scheme, a fitness definition, and the integration of a well-developed hydraulic network solver that facilitate the application of a genetic algorithm to the optimization of a water distribution system. Two benchmark problems of water pipeline design and a real water distribution system are presented to demonstrate the application of the improved technique. The results obtained show that the number of the design trials required by the messy genetic algorithm is consistently fewer than the other genetic algorithms

    Resonant Tunneling through S- and U-shaped Graphene Nanoribbons

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    We theoretically investigate resonant tunneling through S- and U-shaped nanostructured graphene nanoribbons. A rich structure of resonant tunneling peaks are found eminating from different quasi-bound states in the middle region. The tunneling current can be turned on and off by varying the Fermi energy. Tunability of resonant tunneling is realized by changing the width of the left and/or right leads and without the use of any external gates.Comment: 6 pages, 7 figure

    Realising intelligent virtual design

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    This paper presents a vision and focus for the CAD Centre research: the Intelligent Design Assistant (IDA). The vision is based upon the assumption that the human and computer can operate symbiotically, with the computer providing support for the human within the design process. Recently however the focus has been towards the development of integrated design platforms that provide general support irrespective of the domain, to a number of distributed collaborative designers. This is illustrated within the successfully completed Virtual Reality Ship (VRS) virtual platform, and the challenges are discussed further within the NECTISE, SAFEDOR and VIRTUE projects