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    Piloting a new approach: Making use of technology to present a distance learning computer science course

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    Computerā€Mediated Communication (CMC) systems have been described and evaluated in a number of ways by different researchers in the field. This paper proposes that computer conferencing systems should be designed to encourage students to participate in three dimensions previously treated by separate researchers. These can be summarized as a knowledge dimension, a social dimension and a motivational dimension. This paper reports on how one particular conference, that of M205ā€STILE, was constructed to take account of these dimensions and to facilitate studentsā€™ computerā€supported cooperative learning

    Is it sustainable? A comparison of student and tutor online time across three distanceā€learning courses

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    Distanceā€learning course providers worldā€wide are looking to new technology to enhance their course presentations. One of the areas they are beginning to assess is that of integrating Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) into their courses. An important factor to be borne in mind with the adoption of CMC is the amount of time required to be an active participant. It is important therefore to investigate how much time tutors and students spend online, and if this is sustainable in the longer term. This paper discusses tutor and student involvement in the Open University M205 ā€ STILE project, and compares these findings with the time spent online by students and tutors on two other Open University courses. Our aim was to see if our findings were atypical. The comparisons are discussed, and recommendations are made about how future online courses can benefit from the findings of this study
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