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    Performance of the local reconstruction algorithms for the CMS hadron calorimeter with Run 2 data

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    A description is presented of the algorithms used to reconstruct energy deposited in the CMS hadron calorimeter during Run 2 (2015–2018) of the LHC. During Run 2, the characteristic bunch-crossing spacing for proton-proton collisions was 25 ns, which resulted in overlapping signals from adjacent crossings. The energy corresponding to a particular bunch crossing of interest is estimated using the known pulse shapes of energy depositions in the calorimeter, which are measured as functions of both energy and time. A variety of algorithms were developed to mitigate the effects of adjacent bunch crossings on local energy reconstruction in the hadron calorimeter in Run 2, and their performance is compared

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    The school students are facing mental health issues, and their performance is not improving in China. Health education policies are not implemented at the school level in China. However, scholars focus on college students’ health education, but the school student is neglected. The research’s primary objective is to answer the question: What is the impact of health education on the psychological well-being of school students? A sample of 549 10th grade students is collected from China’s public and private sector institutes. The partial least square–structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) is employed to analyze the data. The outcomes highlighted that the impact of health education is significant on the psychological well-being of school students in China. Furthermore, the study introduced that the moderating role of sustainable health exercise and sports participation is critical as it positively influences the relationship between health education and psychological wellbeing. This research improves literature as the novel contribution are highlighted in theory. Furthermore, the government education policies must be reframed under the light of this research’ findings to improve students’ health.</div