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    Evaluation of the moodle-based learning system applying the end user computing satisfaction method

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    Abstrak: Pembelajaran elektronik dengan memanfaatkan perangkat teknologi seperti komputer, tablet maupun telefon pintar telah berkembang pesat pasca pandemic COVID-19 namun belum menghasilkan temuan yang konklusif. Maka, tujuan penelitian ini untuk menginvestigasi minat siswa terhadap sistem pembelajaran elektronik berbasis Moodle. Metode yang digunakan End User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) dengan pengujian sistem pada Moodle dengan sampel penelitian 70 siswa. Moodle merupakan sistem pengelolaan pembelajaran elektronik dimana guru dapat menyusun mata pelajaran, membuat group kelas, memberikan materi (mengunggah materi), memberikan tugas baik berbentuk ujian, kuis, tes, mengumpulkan tugas, menilai tugas yang dapat digunakan secara sinkronus maupun asinkronus. Hasil uji EUCS menunjukkan bahwa setelah menggunakan pembelajaran elektronik minat siswa mengalami peningkatan sebesar 86,34%. Selain itu capaian hasil belajar siswa juga mengalami peningkatan signifikan. Penerapan e-learning berbasis Moodle meningkatkan minat siswa dalam belajar karena siswa dapat mengakses kapanpun dan dimanapun. Abstract: Electronic learning using is utilizing technological devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones has developed rapidly after the COVID-19 pandemic but has not produced conclusive findings. Thus, the purpose of this learning is to investigate students' interest in Moodle-based electronic learning systems. The method used is End User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS) by testing the system on Moodle with a research sample of 70 students. Moodle is an electronic learning management system where teachers can arrange subjects, create class groups, provide material (upload material), give assignments in the form of exams, quizzes, and tests, collect evaluations, and assess assignments that can be used synchronously or asynchronously. EUCS test results show that after using electronic learning, students’ interest has increased by 86.34%. In addition, student achievement also experienced a significant increase. The application of Moodle-based e-learning increases students' interest in learning because students can access it anytime and anywhere.

    Pemanfaatan Adobe Flash Dengan Pendekatan Konstruktivis Dalam Meningkatkan Efektifitas Pemahaman Materi Pelajaran Fisika Di Smk Siti Banun

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    With the development of an increasingly technological era that greatly affects all sectors, both the economy, tourism, especially education, this does not rule out the possibility that all of us must exist and continue to compete in increasing scientific knowledge to make superior human resources towards a golden Indonesia in 2045. In Law No. 20 of 2003, improving the quality of education is directed at improving the quality of Indonesian people as a whole through heart, thought, exercise, and sports in order to have competitiveness in facing global challenges. This study aims to innovate learning media using a digital system, namely Adobe Flash so that the learning process further increases student motivation, especially to complete the test questions given. The method used is waterfall. The data used are the results of interviews from students who have been collected before using the application and after using the application in solving problems. Based on the results of student interviews, it was concluded that in solving problems using the application, they were more enthusiastic and eager to try because they immediately knew the results of the scores they were doing, both true and false scores. So, from this study, the conclusions obtained are to increase effectiveness in learning, especially solving questions about the need for special learning innovations for tests using digitalization technology, namely Adobe Macromedia Flash

    The Effect of ClassPoint Learning Media as Interactive and Fun Learning

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    The era of the industrial revolution, which was all technological, made all aspects continue to innovate so that they remained optimal, especially in the world of education. The current educational challenge is that there is still a lack of more interactive learning media using ICT, so that educators or teachers must be more extra in mastering technology in the manufacture and development of learning media. This study aims to develop learning media using classpoints that are easier on learning materials taught by each educator. With the same explanation as the previous ppt media with this feature there are many things to develop, especially in questions that the teacher can directly make on slides with various types of answers. The research model used applies ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) with a quantitative descriptive approach using interviews and questionnaires. A total of 36 students were the subjects in this study. With the results of the study showing that students answered above the range > 60% to 100%, it means that students agree to strongly agree that classpoint learning media is fun and interactive and easy to use

    Implementation Of The Nature Of Science And Social Sciences In The World Of Education

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    Implimentation of the nature of science and social science in the world of education aims to form a mindset and mindset of feeling towards students who are more consistent in learning so that education is realized that gives birth to future generations with a scientific mindset, with concepts, principles, theories and emotional and social intelligence in each individual student. The method of theoretical studies and observations in schools that science and social sciences cannot be separated from the learning process in the world of education, from the results of data testing that we have carried out that social phenomena are always related to their environment. Implementation of the nature of science and social science in the world of education that there are vibrations and energy waves to carry out an activity in learning which essentially already exists in each individual. Data processing results using spss for windows obtained Fhitung=13.618 with sig. 0.000 and Fhitung= 8.385 with sig.0.001 from for Ftable= 3.19 the results obtained in relation to the implementation is very significant

    The Implementation Of Information Technology In The Development Of Left And Right Brain At An Early Age In The World Of Education

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    The purpose of the study is to develop the use of the right and left brain in early childhood through the implementation of information technology in this case learning using video with words. Education in learning that is done must keep up with the times by utilizing information technology we often mention with the era of revolution 4.0. Research methods use descriptive qualitative methods by means of observation and interview of teachers, Then the data obtained in the test using spss for windows with a population of 60 early childhood results obtained Fcount = 23,347 > Ftable = 3.16 so it can be said that the implementation of information technology in learning in the form of video display is very good in the development of the right and left brain in each individual early childhood