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    Un an√°lisis de la agenda de seguridad Per√ļ-Brasil: los mecanismos de seguridad y confianza mutua (2003-2018)

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    Las relaciones bilaterales entre Per√ļ y Brasil han fluctuado entre el acercamiento y el cordial desinter√©s. Esta inconsistencia en la agenda entre ambos pa√≠ses impidi√≥ que se fortalezcan lazos en materia pol√≠tica, econ√≥mico, cultural, ambiental, seguridad, entre otros temas, por mucho tiempo. No obstante, a inicios del nuevo milenio escenarios como el retorno de la democracia en Per√ļ y la consolidaci√≥n de Brasil como potencia regional (Mindreau 2006:18) permitieron un acercamiento entre ambas naciones. Como consecuencia de ello, se firm√≥ una Asociaci√≥n Estrat√©gica (2003), que iba a suponer una profundizaci√≥n en sus relaciones bilaterales. Sin embargo, una d√©cada m√°s tarde los resultados, a grandes rasgos, muestran lo contrario: esc√°ndalos de corrupci√≥n en torno a la construcci√≥n de megaproyectos licitados a empresas brasile√Īas en Per√ļ y un d√©ficit comercial con Brasil , que ascendi√≥ a 695 millones de d√≥lares, en el a√Īo 2018. Por lo general los estudios acerca de las relaciones peruano-brasile√Īas han sido enfocados en el aspecto comercial. En vista de ello, la presente investigaci√≥n se enfocar√° en la agenda de seguridad de mencionados pa√≠ses. Se tomar√° como caso de estudio los Mecanismos de Seguridad y Confianza Mutua, que son una serie de acuerdos a los cuales dos pa√≠ses se comprometen, con el √ļnico objetivo de incrementar y fomentar la confianza (Galindo 1994). Los Mecanismos de Seguridad y Confianza Mutua entre Per√ļ y Brasil se han caracterizado por presentar dificultades en materia de desarrollo e implementaci√≥n. Por ello, en la presente investigaci√≥n se identificaran cu√°les son los factores que afectan el desempe√Īo de los Mecanismos de Seguridad y Confianza Mutua.Tesi

    Relationship between personality and academic motivation in education degrees students

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    p. 327-341The present study aims to understand the relationship between the big five factors of personality and academic motivation. In addition, the following variables are taken into consideration; sex, age and type of educational studies. A quantitative methodology is used, in base to a not experimental, correlational study. The sample is composed of 514 students of the Faculty of Education of Leon’s University, between the three education degrees. To gather the information, participants were asked to complete the Learning and Motivation Strategies Questionnaire (CEAM) and the Personality Questionnaire Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI). The results show the significant relationship between personality facets and motivation variables. It should be noted that female results were higher in the values of intrinsic motivation, motivation towards teamwork, neuroticism, and kindness, and the male results were higher in self-efficacy. Additionally, it was observed that intrinsic motivation decreases progressively from the first to the fourth year of the degree, the need for recognition decreases in the two last study years, and the openness to experiences is higher in the last year of the degree. Finally, Social Education students are those that show a higher intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, total motivation, openness to experiences, and neuroticism, while Primary Education students’ results were higher in the need for recognition.S

    Sponsorship image and value creation in E-sports

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    .E-sports games can drive the sports industry forward and sponsorship is the best way to engage consumers of this new sport. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of sponsorship image and consumer participation in co-creation consumption activities on fans’ sponsorship response (represented by the variables interest, purchase intention and word of mouth) in e-sports. Four antecedent variables build sponsorship image (i.e., ubiquity of sport, sincerity of sponsor, attitude to sponsor and team identification). A quantitative approach is used for the purposes of this study. Some 445 questionnaires were filled in by fans who watch e-sports in Spain; these are analyzed using partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). The outcomes show that sponsor antecedents are crucial factors if a sponsor wants to change their sponsorship image and influence sponsorship response, and that it is also possible to use participation to improve responsesS

    Efectividad de la pol√≠tica de cooperaci√≥n en innovaci√≥n: evidencia emp√≠rica espa√Īola

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    pp. 3-29En este trabajo se han desarrollado distintos modelos econom√©tricos a partir de datos de empresas innovadoras para determinar si las ayudas p√ļblicas a la innovaci√≥n provenientes de la Administraci√≥n Central, las Comunidades Aut√≥nomas y otros organismos (b√°sicamente ayudas europeas) influyen sobre la propensi√≥n o probabilidad de las empresas innovadoras a establecer acuerdos de colaboraci√≥n tecnol√≥gica. Se analizan distintas formas de cooperaci√≥n (vertical, horizontal o institucional). Los resultados globales indican que las ayudas p√ļblicas tienen un efecto sobre la probabilidad cooperadora de las empresas respecto a la cooperaci√≥n en general. Este efecto inductor se confirma para la cooperaci√≥n privada-publica (o institucional) y para la cooperaci√≥n horizontal, es decir, entre empresas competidoras. Las ayudas no reflejan un efecto sobre la cooperaci√≥n entre clientes y proveedores (cooperaci√≥n vertical).S

    The Caribbean Syzygy: a study of the novels of Edgar Mittelholzer and Wilson Harris

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    The problem of racial inheritance - the "search for identity" - is a recurring theme in the criticism of Caribbean literature. It is a pre-occupation with Caribbean writers, affecting both subject matter and literary quality, as FM. Birbalsingh, for example, has shown with reference to the novels of John Hearne and E,R. Braithwaite (Caribbean quarterly Vols. 14, December 1968 and 16, March 1970). This study of the work of Edgar Mittelholzer and Wilson Harris will attempt to show that there are important areas still to be explored relating Caribbean literature to its complex racial and cultural background. Both Mittelholzer and Harris deserve close, critical study in their own right; but a parallel examination reveals similarities and differences which bring into sharper focus wider concerns of Caribbean literature. The two important directions of West Indian writing are more clearly seen: the one, pioneered by Mittelholzer, in which the writer looks outward towards a "parent" culture, and the other looking inward, seeking in its own, complex inheritance the raw material for new and original growth. Mittelholzer and Harris are both Guyanese of mixed racial stock, both deeply concerned with the psychological effects of this mixture, and both writers have a profound awareness of the Guyanese historical and cultural heritage. They also share a deep feeling for the Guyenese landscape which appears in their work as a brooding presence affecting radically -the lives of those who live within i-t. Mittelholzer's attitude to his mixed racial and cultural origins, however, produces in his work a schizophrenic Imbalance while Harris, by accepting racial and cultural complexity as a starting-point, initiates a uniquely creative and experimental art. Mittelholzer, in his approach to history, human character eM landscape, remains a vi "coastal" writer never really concerned (as Harris is) with. the deeper significance of the "Interior" and all that this implies, both in a geographical and psychological sense. The fact that Mittelbolzer's work reflects a psychological imbalance induced by a pre-occupation with racial identity has been demonstrated by Denis Williams in the 1968 Mittelholzer Lectures, and by Joyce Sparer in a series of articles in the Guyana Graphic. Mittelholzer's awareness of this imbalance, however, and his attempt to come to terms with it in his art remain to be examined and documented, as does Harris's attempt to create am "associative" art aimed at healing the breach in the individual consciousness of Caribbean Man. The aim of this study is to demonstrate that Mitteholzer and. Harris, although antithetical in impact and style (each representing an approach to fiction directly opposed to the other) are, in fact, the opposite elements of a dichotomy. Their work illustrates the negative and positive aspects of the racial and cultural schizophrenia of the Caribbean, for both writers in their different ways are preoccupied with (and therefore have embodied in their work) the juxtaposition and, contrasting of apparently irreconcilable emotional and intellectual qualities - the Caribbean Syzygy

    Botanical Journeys and China's Colonial Frontiers: 1840-1940

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    Over recent years, a body of scholarship has emerged on the topic of European and American travel writing in China. This thesis contributes to this growing field by examining four writers who travelled in China and worked as plant collectors and botanists. Largely forgotten today, these writers were influential and successful in their own day. Despite differences in geographical location and historical period, there are a number of common links that make a comparison of these travel writings productive. As travellers seeking botanical rarity and novelty, these writers explored regions of China unknown in the West, which over a period of one hundred years expanded outwards from the fringes of the treaty port areas to more remote regions of China's southwest. These writers, therefore, were on the frontiers of Western knowledge of China, and an examination of their writing provides important insights into the ways in which racial, geographical, and ecological differences were articulated and understood in the context of colonial and scientific exploration. While discussing how such differences have imperial significance, this study will also call attention to the instability of colonialist discourse in the context of China. Rather than focus exclusively on questions of imperialism, this study will show how representations of China's periphery regions also speak to metropolitan literary and cultural concerns, and a close reading of these travel writings shows that China offered powerful imaginary landscapes for home audiences. This project is organised chronologically and the chapters are divided according to the authors, with the exception of the first chapter where I introduce the historical and theoretical framework of the study and the final concluding chapter where I consider the significance of this study in the context of modern China

    Towards the development of care management in community care for elderly people in Korea

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    This study is concerned with the feasibility of several forms of care management in the development of community care for elderly people in Korea. Chapter one introduces the background of community care in Korea in the light of demographic, socio-economic, and political realities. This chapter reviews the changing Korean society as a barometer to understand the scope, size, and speed of social needs, especially community care for elderly people, over the last few decades. Chapter two explores various definitions, concepts, and theories of community, community care, and care management by building upon trends previously established in the research. This helps to identify the different models of care management and the pre-conditions necessary for the application of different models in Korea. Chapter three explores what factors have affected the development of community care, and what community dare has achieved for elderly people in the UK. Especially, care management in community care for elderly people in the UK is examined in detail. Chapter four details the findings of field research on community care for elderly people in Korea. This covers the needs of elderly people and their carers, and the social worker's tasks and available resources. The potential for the use of care management based on the findings of field research is assessed. Chapter five investigates whether the UK models of care management are suitable for Korean society, which interventions are useful for developing care management, and the strategies, and principles involved

    Metodologías activas y desarrollo de competencias en estudiantes universitarios con diferentes estilos de pensamiento

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    p.66-80La implementaci√≥n exitosa de metodolog√≠as activas para estimular el desarrollo de competencias en el contexto universitario requiere la consideraci√≥n previa de aquellas caracter√≠sticas de los alumnos que pueden mediar en su manera de afrontar el aprendizaje, como son sus estilos de pensamiento. En este contexto se ha planteado el presente estudio el cual tiene como objetivos, en primer lugar, comparar el potencial diferencial de diferentes metodolog√≠as activas (expertos, aprendizaje basado en problemas, estudio de casos, estudio dirigido y estudio compartido) para estimular el desarrollo de competencias generales en los estudiantes universitarios y, en segundo lugar, analizar si el estilo de pensamiento de los alumnos predice el desarrollo de competencias en funci√≥n de la metodolog√≠a empleada. La muestra ha estado compuesta por 87 estudiantes de Grado de la Facultad de Educaci√≥n de la Universidad de Le√≥n (Espa√Īa), quienes cursaron varias asignaturas cuyas unidades tem√°ticas fueron implementadas mediante las distintas metodolog√≠as activas objeto de an√°lisis. Para valorar el estilo de pensamiento de los alumnos se emple√≥ la adaptaci√≥n espa√Īola del Thinking Styles Inventory (Sternberg y Wagner, 1991). Para conocer el desarrollo de competencias percibido por los alumnos, √©stos debieron responder, tras la implementaci√≥n de cada metodolog√≠a, al Cuestionario de Evaluaci√≥n de las Competencias Transversales (Fidalgo, Arias y Garc√≠a, 2007). Los resultados indican, por un lado, que las cinco metodolog√≠as analizadas estimulan de manera similar el desarrollo de competencias en los universitarios, siendo las competencias instrumentales las m√°s favorecidas en todos los m√©todos. Por otro lado, los resultados evidencian que los estilos de pensamiento de los alumnos y su edad act√ļan como variables predictoras del desarrollo competencial de manera diferente en relaci√≥n a cada m√©todo. Por lo tanto, desde el punto de vista aplicado, se recomienda el uso combinado de diferentes metodolog√≠as activas para ajustarse a los perfiles diversos de la generalidad de los estudiantes y estimular as√≠ el √≥ptimo desarrollo de las competencias transversales en todos ellos.S

    Efficacy of the RtI Model in the treatment of reading learning disabilities

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    p.1-25Background: The response to intervention (RtI) model makes possible the early detection of reading problems and early intervention for students at risk. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effective measures that identify struggling readers and the most effective practices of the RtI model in reading in Primary Education. Method: A systematic review of the literature published between 2010 and 2020 was performed, analyzing in the 31 selected articles, the identification and monitoring methods and the interventions at the different tiers of the RtI model. Results: There are different methods to identify struggling readers, and there is no consensus on the matter. There are also many differences in the implementation of the different tiers of the RtI model; however, its effectiveness is demonstrated. Conclusions: The implementation of the RtI model in a flexible way adapted to the circumstances of each moment, and can be considered as a highly effective resource in the prevention and early detection of reading learning problemsS
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