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    Towards Persistent Storage and Retrieval of Domain Models using Graph Database Technology

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    We employ graph database technology to persistently store and retrieve robot domain models.Comment: Presented at DSLRob 2015 (arXiv:1601.00877

    Educa√ß√£o matem√°tica, software e rede de professores: repercuss√Ķes no discurso e na pr√°tica pedag√≥gica

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    O presente trabalho relata pesquisa em Educação Matemática sobre o processo de mudança no discurso e na prática pedagógica de professores de Matemática no Ensino Médio que participaram de uma rede de professores, com o objetivo de construir sua capacitação para o uso de software, mediante trabalho colaborativo na organização e elaboração de atividades didático-pedagógicas

    Agent-Based Distributed Resource Allocation in Continuous Dynamic Systems

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    Intelligent agents and multiagent systems reveal new strategies to design highly flexible automation systems. There are first promising industrial applications of multiagent systems for the control of manufacturing, logistics, traffic or multi-robot systems. One reason for the success of most of these applications is their nature as some form of a distributed resource allocation problem which can be addressed very well by multiagent systems. Resource allocation problems solved by agents can be further categorized into static or dynamic problems. In static problems, the allocations do not depend on time and many resource allocation problem of practical interest can be solved using these static considerations, even in discrete-event systems like manufacturing or logistic systems. However, problems especially in highly dynamic environments cannot be addressed by this pure static approach since the allocations, i.e. the decision variables, depend on time and previous states of the considered system. These problems are hardly considered in the relevant agent literature and if, most often only discrete-event systems are considered. This work focuses on agent-based distributed dynamic resource allocation problems especially in continuous production systems or other continuous systems. Based on the current states of the distributed dynamic system, continuous-time allocation trajectories must be computed in real-time. Designing multiagent systems for distributed resource allocation mainly comprises the design of the local capabilities of the single agents and the interaction mechanisms that makes them find the best or at least a feasible allocation without any central control. In this work, the agents are designed as two-level entities: while the low-level functions are responsible for the real-time allocation of the resources in the form of closed-loop feedback control, the high-level functionalities realize the deliberative capabilities such as long-term planning and negotiation of the resource allocations. Herein, the resource allocation problem is considered as a distributed optimization problem under certain constraints. The agents play the role of local optimizers which then have to coordinate their local solutions to an overall consistent solution. It is shown in this contribution that the described approach can be interpreted as a market-based allocation scheme based on balancing of supply and demand of the resources using a virtual price. However, the agents calculate and negotiate complete supply and demand trajectories using model-based predictions which also leads to the calculation of a price trajectory. This novel approach does not only consider the dynamic behaviour of the distributed system but also combines control tasks and resource allocation in a very consistent way. The approach is demonstrated using two practical applications: a heating system and an industrial sugar extraction process

    Simulated Use of the Exponential Polynomial/Maximum Likelihood Technique in Developing Suitability of Use Functions for Fish Habitat

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    The purpose of this paper is to present a new methodology for producing fish habitat suitability at use functions. The suitability functions are relative measures of the voluntary or involuntary preference for combinations of the values of environmental attributes by a fish species and age class. This suitability function is used to determine the relative usability of a physical stream environment as fish habitat. A generalized function form, exponential polynomials, was selected for the development of these suitability of use functions. The maximum likelihood technique was used for function parameter solution. Derivation of the suitability functions was simulated for several stream environments having variable fish densities

    Safer UAV Piloting: A Robust Sense-and-Avoid Solution for Remotely Piloted Quadrotor UAVs in Complex Environments

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    Current commercial UAVs are to a large extent remotely piloted by amateur human pilots. Due to lack of teleoperation experience or skills, they often drive the UAVs into collision. Therefore, in order to ensure safety of the UAV as well as its surroundings, it is necessary for the UAV to boast the capability of detecting emergency situation and acting on its own when facing imminent threat. However, the majority of UAVs currently available in the market are not equipped with such capability. To fill in the gap, in this paper we present a complete sense-and-avoid solution for assisting unskilled pilots in ensuring a safe flight. Particularly, we propose a novel nonlinear vehicle control system which takes into account of sensor characteristics, an emergency evaluation policy and a novel optimization-based avoidance control strategy. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated and validated in simulation with multiple moving objects

    Comparative study on the relationship between stroke hemisphere and functional evolution in right-handed individuals

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    OBJETIVO: O hemisf√©rio esquerdo √© dominante para o controle motor e o direito para a orienta√ß√£o espacial. Este estudo visou testar as hip√≥teses de que a les√£o √† esquerda causa maior preju√≠zo da movimenta√ß√£o volunt√°ria e a les√£o √† direita resulta em perda na aten√ß√£o espacial e no controle postural. Indiv√≠duos com les√£o √† esquerda foram comparados com indiv√≠duos com les√£o √† direita, com rela√ß√£o ao comprometimento inicial e recupera√ß√£o tr√™s meses p√≥s-les√£o. MATERIAIS E M√ČTODOS: Vinte e dois indiv√≠duos destros com les√£o isqu√™mica no territ√≥rio da art√©ria cerebral m√©dia (11 √† esquerda e 11 √† direita) foram avaliados mensalmente nos tr√™s primeiros meses p√≥s-les√£o em termos de sensibilidade, t√īnus, for√ßa, postura, marcha, independ√™ncia funcional e aten√ß√£o espacial. RESULTADOS: Com rela√ß√£o ao comprometimento inicial, n√£o houve diferen√ßa na sensibilidade, t√īnus, for√ßa, postura e aten√ß√£o dos grupos. O grupo com les√£o √† esquerda apresentou pior desempenho inicial nos testes de marcha e de independ√™ncia funcional. Com rela√ß√£o √† taxa de recupera√ß√£o, n√£o houve diferen√ßas na sensibilidade, t√īnus, for√ßa, postura, aten√ß√£o e independ√™ncia funcional dos dois grupos. Por√©m, a taxa de recupera√ß√£o da marcha do grupo com les√£o √† esquerda foi inferior √† do outro grupo. CONCLUS√ēES: Foi confirmada a hip√≥tese de que a les√£o √† esquerda causa maior comprometimento da movimenta√ß√£o volunt√°ria, representada pela marcha e independ√™ncia funcional, que a les√£o √† direita. N√£o foi obtida, no entanto, evid√™ncia de que a les√£o √† direita compromete de modo mais intenso a aten√ß√£o espacial e a manuten√ß√£o da postura que a les√£o √† esquerda.OBJECTIVE: The left hemisphere is supposed to be dominant for motor control and the right hemisphere dominant for spatial orientation. This study aimed to test the hypothesis that left-side lesions cause greater impairment of voluntary movement, while right-side lesions cause loss of spatial attention loss and postural control. Individuals with left-side lesions were compared with individuals with right-side lesions, in relation to initial impairment and recovery three months after their stroke. METHODS: Twenty-two right-handed individuals with an ischemic lesion in the area of the middle cerebral artery (11 on the left side and 11 on the right side) were assessed monthly, for the first three months after their stroke, in terms of sensitivity, tonus, posture, gait, functional independence and spatial attention. RESULTS: In relation to the initial impairment, there was no difference in sensitivity, tonus, strength, posture and spatial attention between the groups. The left-side lesion group presented worse initial performance in gait and functional independence tests. In relation to the recovery rate, there were no differences in sensitivity, tonus, strength, posture, spatial attention or functional independence between the two groups. However, the gait recovery rate in the left-side lesion group was slower than in the other group. CONCLUSIONS: The hypothesis that left-side lesions cause greater impairment of voluntary movement (represented by gait and functional independence) than do right-side lesions was supported. However, no evidence that right-side lesions cause greater impairment of spatial attention and posture maintenance than do left-side lesions was found

    Lembrando um nome: Estudos de validade neuropsicológica e uma proposta computadorizada para detecção de anomia

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    There are contradictory results or lack of validity studies concerning the naming function and brain laterality. Although anomia is a frequent symptom of memory impairment, and the most relevant symptom of aphasia, few studies have been conducted to evaluate its validity for detecting patients with left hemisphere damage (LD) as per the MeSH definition. Objectives: To validate a paper-and-pencil confrontation naming test (CNT) according to side of brain injury. To select a valid and reliable abbreviated CNT wherein the effect of demographic variables is minimized. To use the selected CNT to develop a computer-aided confrontation-naming evaluation (CACNE). Methods: Control data were obtained from 213 healthy participants (HP) aged 15 to 89. A subsample of 106 HP was demographically matched to 39 LD and 40 patients with right hemisphere damage (RD). Anomia definition and CNT cues were considered for CACNE. Results: Test-retest and inter-rater reliability, internal consistency, and validity for detecting LD were demonstrated. A significant age effect was observed in HP. CACNE was developed to detect anomia in interaction with environmental interventions. Conclusion: The inconsistencies observed in CNT studies, were probably due to the presence of anomia in almost 50% of RD.Existem resultados contradit√≥rios ou falta de estudos de validade relativos √† fun√ß√£o de nomea√ß√£o e lateralidade cerebral. Embora a anomia seja um sintoma frequente de comprometimento da mem√≥ria e o sintoma mais relevante da afasia, poucos estudos foram realizados para avaliar sua validade na detec√ß√£o de pacientes com les√£o no hemisf√©rio esquerdo (LHE) conforme defini√ß√£o do MeSH. Objetivo: Validar um teste de nomea√ß√£o por confronta√ß√£o (TNC) do tipo papel-e-l√°pis de acordo com o lado da les√£o cerebral. Selecionar um TNC abreviada v√°lida e confi√°vel, na qual o efeito de vari√°veis demogr√°ficas seja minimizado. Usar o TNC selecionado para desenvolver uma avalia√ß√£o de nomea√ß√£o por confronta√ß√£o auxiliada por computador (CACNE). M√©todos: Os dados de controle foram obtidos de 213 participantes saud√°veis (PS) com idades entre 15 e 89 anos. Uma subamostra de 106 PS foi demograficamente pareada com 39 LHE e 40 pacientes com les√£o no hemisf√©rio direito (LHD). A defini√ß√£o de anomia e as pistas do TNC foram consideradas para a CACNE. Resultados: A confiabilidade teste-reteste e interexaminador, consist√™ncia interna e validade para a detec√ß√£o de LHE foram demonstradas. Um efeito significativo da idade foi observado na PS. CACNE foi desenvolvida para detectar anomia em intera√ß√£o com interven√ß√Ķes ambientais. Conclus√£o: As inconsist√™ncias observFil: Vigliecca, Nora Silvana. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cient√≠ficas y T√©cnicas. Centro Cient√≠fico Tecnol√≥gico Conicet - C√≥rdoba. Instituto de Humanidades. Universidad Nacional de C√≥rdoba. Instituto de Humanidades; ArgentinaFil: Voos, Javier Alfredo. Universidad Tecnol√≥gica Nacional. Facultad Regional C√≥rdoba; Argentina. Hospital Privado Centro M√©dico de C√≥rdoba; Argentin

    Panel: Brown University Redux - Effects of Unionization on Graduate Student Employees: Faculty-Student Relations, Academic Freedom, and Pay

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    In cases involving unionization of graduate student research and teaching assistants at private U.S. universities, the National Labor Relations Board has, at times, denied collective bargaining rights on the presumption that unionization would harm faculty--student relations and academic freedom. Using survey data collected from PhD students in five academic disciplines across eight public U.S. universities, the authors compare represented and non-represented graduate student employees in terms of faculty--student relations, academic freedom, and pay. Unionization does not have the presumed negative effect on student outcomes, and in some cases has a positive effect. Union-represented graduate student employees report higher levels of personal and professional support, unionized graduate student employees fare better on pay, and unionized and nonunionized students report similar perceptions of academic freedom. These findings suggest that potential harm to faculty--student relationships and academic freedom should not continue to serve as bases for the denial of collective bargaining rights to graduate student employees

    Mapa geoevolutivo da planície costeira da Ilha de São Francisco do Sul, SC, Brasil

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    Mapa geoevolutivo da planície costeira da Ilha de São Francisco do Sul, SC, BrasilMapa escala 1:90000CAPES e CNP
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