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    London’s choice of mayor will give a tantalising hint of which party will be favourites to win the next general election

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    Kicking off our London Mayoral Election 2012 coverage, Tony Travers looks at the state of the race for City Hall. As the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats offer up ‘repeat’ candidates, he wonders what this election might tell us about the state of the parties and their prospects for the next general election

    99 per cent of London is not burning. We should not over-react to the weekend’s riots

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    Saturday and Sunday saw large scale rioting in Tottenham as well as in other parts of the capital. Tony Travers argues that while these riots have been damaging in specific areas, if things remain calm, there is no need for over-reaction, or even for senior politicians to return from their summer holidays. It is for the Metropolitan police to deal with, and they must now tread very carefully and ensure they communicate very openly and closely with local communities

    Complicated Choices: Struggling to Meet NCLB Requirements AND Remain Faithful to a School's Educational Vision and Practice

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    In an era of high-stakes accountability, school leaders often face contradictory pressures as they strive to improve student performance. They must meet the federal mandate of NCLB for student achievement; at the same time, many believe that NCLB constrains their professional judgment about how to best teach and assess students in the context of their own schools. The case of Baker, a K-8 school in Philadelphia, is illustrative. The case study discusses the complicated choices school leaders made as they attempted to meet the needs of all students. As Baker implemented the school district's highly prescriptive approach to curriculum and instruction, using a Managed Instruction System, it struggled to maintain its progressive educational philosophy and 'best' practices. The school's pedagogical goals included: student-centered and project-based learning, teaching for life-long learning, performance-based assessments, and an emphasis on higher order thinking. Baker was a successful learning community for students and adults, whose significant accomplishments were obscured by the fact that it never had made AYP. If the U.S. Department of Education had permitted the state to use its valued-added growth model, the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment, as an alternative to the status achievement metric that focused on the percentage of proficient students, Baker would have made AYP in 2006-07, the last year of this research

    Honored: Emily Russell Award 2000

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    It is my honor and privilege this evening to present the Emily Russel Award to one of the finest Christian Librarians it has been our collective privilege to know. For me, it is even more; it is sheer joy to give tribute to a woman who has during our longstanding professional relationship been a source of inspiration, a model of integrity, and a continuing influence. Probably all of us in this room can list only a few people besides family members who have made a major impact on us. I would list this lady\u27s name

    Experimental investigation of peripheral-wall injection techniques in a water vortex tube

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    Effect of peripheral wall injection technique used to drive water vortex tube on structure and thickness of turbulent mixing region and on flow patterns in boundary layer

    Experimental investigation of radial-inflow vortexes in jet-injection and rotating peripheral-wall water vortex tubes

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    Wall injection area and axial bypass effects on flow pattern of stagnation surface in radial inflow vortexe
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