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    Evaluation of the East Bay Municipal Utility District's Pilot of WaterSmart Home Water Reports

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    This report presents the results of an independent evaluation of the East Bay Municipal Utility District's (EBMUD) year-long pilot project (Pilot) of WaterSmart Software's Home Water Reports (HWRs) service.The Pilot was intended to address three primary questions:First, would an SNB efficiency program like WaterSmart result in measurable reductionsin household water use?Second, would it increase rates of participation in other EBMUD conservation programs? Third, would it increase household knowledge and awareness of water consumption andways to use water more efficiently

    Rydberg crystallization detection by statistical means

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    We investigate an ensemble of atoms which can be excited into a Rydberg state. Using a disordered quantum Ising model, we perform a numerical simulation of the experimental procedure and calculate the probability distribution function P(M)P(M) to create a certain number of Rydberg atoms MM, as well as their pair correlation function. Using the latter, we identify the critical interaction strength above which the system undergoes a phase transition to a Rydberg crystal. We then show that this phase transition can be detected using P(M)P(M) alone.Comment: 7 pages, 9 figure

    Impacts of risk aversion on whole-farm management in Syria

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    This article reports on a study of the impact of risk on farm management practices in northern Syria, focusing particularly on how these are affected by risk aversion and farm size. The study is based on production data from an eight‚Äźyear field trial and on prices from market surveys. A large linear programming model is built, representing the eight years as observations from a discrete probability distribution. Risk aversion is modelled by inclusion of a utility function with constant relative risk aversion, represented using the DEMP/UEP approach.Farm Management, Risk and Uncertainty,


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    With the introduction of Variable-Rate Technology, farmers have the capability to decrease input costs, increase output or both. Not all farmers can justify purchasing the equipment, therefore relying on agribusiness firms to provide precision farming services. This study was conducted to determine the feasibility of operating such an agribusiness.Agribusiness,
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