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    Targeting tourists with state branding programs

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    The value tourists place on state of origin, as conveyed through a state brand or a description of origin, was evaluated for restaurant menu items and gift shop items. The implicit prices for the Arizona Grown logo and an Arizona origin description were determined through a conjoint analysis experiment. It was determined that tourists do value information on the local origin of their menu selections. Similarly, buyers of salsa and candy also value local origin. These findings suggest new marketing opportunities for Arizona farmers and retail outlets. They also provide some justification for charging a licensing fee for participants in a branding program. [EconLit citations: Q130, M300]. © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Agribusiness 19: 525-538, 2003.

    Indianapolis Power & Light Company on the Circle after the Completion of the Addition in 1964.

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    Upon completion of the Indianapolis Power & Light Company facility in 1964, the southeast quadrant of the Circle had another building of unique style.Appears in Destination Indiana 5Destination Indiana Indianapolis Power and Ligh