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    The effect of pre-incubation with pertussis toxin on <sup>3</sup>H-cAMP accumulation responses.

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    <p><sup>3</sup>H-cAMP accumulation in <b>A</b> CHO cells expressing the human adenosine A1 receptor, <b>B</b> and <b>E</b> wildtype β1-adrenoceptor cells, <b>C</b> and <b>F</b> Gly49/Gly389 cells and <b>D</b> and <b>G</b> Ser49/Arg389 cells. All cells were subjected to 24 hours in serum free media before experimentations, those with closed circles in the absence of PTX and those with open circles in the presence of PTX. Bars represent <b>A</b> basal <sup>3</sup>H-cAMP accumulation and that in response to 10 µM forskolin, <b>B–G</b> basal <sup>3</sup>H-cAMP accumulation and that in response to 10 µM isoprenaline following incubation in serum free media without and with PTX. Data points are mean ± s.e.mean of triplicate determinations and these single experiments are representative of 4 separate experiments in each case. <b>A</b> demonstrates that the PTX pre-incubation was successfully preventing the Gi-coupled responses to cyclopentyladenosine (CPA) in CHO cells expressing the human A1 adenosine receptor, however there was no effect of PTX pre-incubation on the cimaterol (catecholamines conformation) or CGP 12177 (secondary conformation) responses occurring via the wildtype human β1-adrenoceptor or the polymorphic variants.</p