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    The Current State of Women Print Journalists: An Analysis of the Status and Careers of Females in Newspapers Sports Departments

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    The purpose of this study was to provide an analysis of the current state of women journalists within the sports departments at newspapers across the United States. This investigation involved a determination of their demographic make-up, job status within the sports department, rationale for entering the field, and advice for younger women preparing to follow in their footsteps. The findings suggest that although the large majority of women have faced discrimination in the sport media, they believe improvements have been made towards equity. The majority of respondents noted that they were happy with the assignments they had been given. Subjects did, however, feel that they were assigned to cover females more than their male counterparts, and some responses regarding dissatisfaction with their positions was also noted. Copyright Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. 2005media, sport, female, journalist, reporters,

    Microbodies in fungi: a review

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