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    Corporate Environmental Performance: Consistency of Metrics and Identification of Drivers

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    This study is among the first to provide insight into the assessment of the convergent validity of widely used environmental performance ratings. Using a set of environmental dimensions in KLD, GES, and ASSET4 ratings, this study demonstrates that the different environmental performance aggregated metrics sufficiently correlate and provide consistent information when comparing companies. The KLD environmental concerns measure provides a summary of the environmental impact of industrial activities in contrast to the KLD measure of strengths that is a proxy for environmental performance. The observed different patterns in KLD environmental dimensions suggest that they are distinct constructs and should not be combined in future research. This study demonstrates that GES environmental industry risk and KLD concerns are impact factors that drive corporate environmental performance. Companies in high impact sectors are on average rated with high environmental performance. The contribution of this paper is, therefore, a validation of environmental ratings and a sharper focus upon impact factors that are associated with high levels of environmental performance. In addition, this study discusses the implications of findings for advocates and sceptics of environmental ratings, as well as for academics and practitioners in the realm of SRI and CSR.Environmental performance; Ratings; Convergent validity; Industry risk

    Vector Combinatorial Problems in a Space of Combinations with Linear Fractional Functions of Criteria

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    The paper considers vector discrete optimization problem with linear fractional functions of criteria on a feasible set that has combinatorial properties of combinations. Structural properties of a feasible solution domain and of Pareto–optimal (efficient), weakly efficient, strictly efficient solution sets are examined. A relation between vector optimization problems on a combinatorial set of combinations and on a continuous feasible set is determined. One possible approach is proposed in order to solve a multicriteria combinatorial problem with linear- fractional functions of criteria on a set of combinations

    Semántica verbal en el contexto de la distribución actancial

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    This study is based on the theory of methods of verbal action (MVA), presented in the works by O.M. Sokolov. Prefixed Russian verbs are considered as part of a functional approach to language analysis. The authors prove that the verb prefixes in the Russian language should be considered as separate linguistic elements, which provide the characteristics of the subject or object actant.Este estudio se basa en la teor.a de los m.todos de acci.n verbal (AMEU), presentada en los trabajos de O.M. Sokolov. Los verbos rusos prefijados se consideran parte de un enfoque funcional para el an.lisis del lenguaje. Los autores prueban que los prefijos verbales en el idioma ruso deben considerarse como elementos lingü.sticos separados, que proporcionan las caracter.sticas del sujeto u objeto actante

    Social support during pregnancy

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    Maternal depression during pregnancy and the postpartum period affects approximately 15% of expectant mothers and 13% of new mothers within the first 6 months after delivery. Due to maternal outcomes such as low quality of life, high risk of suicide, and dysfunctional parenting, maternal depression remains one of the most serious mental health problems faced by women. It also disturbs the mother-child relationship, resulting in poor outcomes of infant / child behavioral, cognitive, and physical health. Therefore, it is important to identify predictive factors for postpartum depressio

    Model of methods of forming biological picture of the world of secondary school pupils

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    Introduction: the problem of development of a model of methods of forming the biological picture of the world of pupils as a multicomponent and integrative expression of the complete educational process is considered in the article. It is stated that the results of the study have theoretical and practical importance for effective subject preparation of senior pupils based on acquiring of systematic and generalized knowledge about wildlife. The correspondence of the main idea of the article to the scientific profile of the journal "Integration of Education" determines the choice of the periodical for publication. Materials and methods: the results of the analysis of materials on modeling of the educational process, on specific models of the formation of a complete comprehension of the scientific picture of the world and its biological component make it possible to suggest a lack of elaboration of the aspect of pedagogical research under study. Therefore, the search for methods to overcome these gaps and to substantiate a particular model, relevant for its practical application by a teacher, is important. The study was based on the use of methods of theoretical level, including the analysis of pedagogical and methodological literature, modeling and generalized expression of the model of forming the biological picture of the world of secondary school senior pupils, which were of higher priority. Results: the use of models of organization of subject preparation of secondary school pupils takes a priority position, as they help to achieve the desired results of training, education and development. The model of methods of forming a biological picture of the world is represented as a theoretical construct in the unity of objective, substantive, procedural, diagnostic and effective blocks. Discussion and conclusions: in a generalized form the article expresses the model of methods of forming the biological picture of the world of secondary school pupils and gives a teacher the opportunity to use it in practice of subject preparation of pupils.Peer reviewe

    Característica do estilo individual de Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov

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    The present article analyzes the individual style of the famous Russian philosopher, writer, prose writer, and journalist, Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov. It is proved that the writer's idiostyle is unique in Russian literature of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The formation of an individual style took place in three stages. At the first stage, the philosophical treatise “On Understanding” was created, in which the categories of knowledge, wisdom, etc. were subjected to philosophical analysis. At the second stage, Rozanov’s individual style, the critic, was formed. In this period, the individual style is characterized by inconsistency. At the third stage, Rozanov’s individual style is formed, a prose writer, the key characteristics of whose style were unsystematic, contradictory and antinomic.El presente artículo describe el estilo individual de la famosa rusa, escritor, prose escritor, y periodista, Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov. Se trata de que el escritor de los idiostyle es único en los ríos de los Estados Unidos y de los últimos 20 años. La formación de un estilo individual tuvo lugar en tres etapas. En la primera etapa, se creó la filosofía táctica "On Understanding" en las categorías de conocimiento, sabiduría, etc. se han inscrito en el análisis filosófico. En la segunda etapa, Rozanov el estilo individual, la crítica, fue formada. En este período, el estilo individual se considera inconsistencia. En la tercera etapa, Rozanov's individual estilo se ha formado, la prose de escritor, la clave de su estilo han sido unsystematic, contradictoria y antinomic.O presente artigo analisa o estilo individual do famoso filósofo, escritor, escritor de prosa e jornalista russo Vasily Vasilyevich Rozanov. Está provado que o idiostilo do escritor é único na literatura russa do final do século XIX e início do século XX. A formação de um estilo individual ocorreu em três etapas. No primeiro estágio, foi criado o tratado filosófico "On Understanding", no qual as categorias de conhecimento, sabedoria, etc. foram submetidos à análise filosófica. Na segunda etapa, o estilo individual de Rozanov, o crítico, foi formado. Nesse período, o estilo individual é caracterizado por inconsistência. No terceiro estágio, formou-se o estilo individual de Rozanov, um escritor de prosa cujas característicaschave de cujo estilo eram não sistemáticas, contraditórias e antinômicas

    GCT-TTE: Graph Convolutional Transformer for Travel Time Estimation

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    This paper introduces a new transformer-based model for the problem of travel time estimation. The key feature of the proposed GCT-TTE architecture is the utilization of different data modalities capturing different properties of an input path. Along with the extensive study regarding the model configuration, we implemented and evaluated a sufficient number of actual baselines for path-aware and path-blind settings. The conducted computational experiments have confirmed the viability of our pipeline, which outperformed state-of-the-art models on both considered datasets. Additionally, GCT-TTE was deployed as a web service accessible for further experiments with user-defined routes.Comment: 17 pages, 7 figures, 4 tables; supplementary included; accepted in Journal of Big Dat