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    The Critique from Experimental Philosophy: Can Philosophical Intuitions Be Externally Corroborated?

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    Jonathan Weinberg (2007) criticizes so called armchair philosophers’ appeals to intuitions. Faulty intuitions, so the argument, cannot be detected and corrected since (among other reasons) intuitions cannot be corroborated by external evidence. I press a dilemma against Weinberg. On a broad reading of ‘corroboration’, Weinberg has not established that intuitions lack external corroboration. On a narrow reading, his critique is self-undermining and issues into general skepticism

    The New B-Word

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    I get all of my career advice from Cosmopolitan magazine. Okay, maybe not all of it. But sitting in the airport this past weekend, I breezed through articles about Khloé Kardashian and confessions about why guys cheat, and, somewhere in the middle, stumbled on an article called “Like a Boss.” It was written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In, and described an issue I had never really given much thought to: why female leaders are, seemingly more often than male leaders, described as bossy. As a woman with a leadership position on campus, the topic stewed in my mind for a bit. Yeah, I’ve been called bossy, but it hasn’t really bothered me. Should it

    Muslim Women and United States Healthcare: Challenges to Access and Navigation

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    This paper offers an analysis of the interactions of Muslim women in the US healthcare system in order to unpack challenges and propose potential accommodations. Islam may inform values or considerations in the context of other cultural factors or present Muslim women with specific challenges in seeking healthcare based on Islamic teachings or social constructs. This paper examines these factors by elaborating on an overview of Muslim interpretations of healthcare using religious authorities, text from the Qur’an, and social norms. It then delves into challenges faced by Muslim women in the US healthcare system and the implications of those challenges and finally proposes improvements to help Muslim women to gain access to fair and equal healthcare in the US

    Letter of Congratulations and Introduction

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    Oscillatory and Fourier Integral operators with degenerate canonical relations

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    We mostly survey results concerning the L2L^2 boundedness of oscillatory and Fourier integral operators. This article does not intend to give a broad overview; it mainly focusses on a few topics directly related to the work of the authors.Comment: 37 pages, to appear in Publicacions Mathematiques (special issue, Proceedings of the 2000 El Escorial Conference in Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations