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    Penguin amplitudes in hadronic B decays: NLO spectator scattering

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    We present results on the NLO (alpha_s^2) spectator-scattering corrections to the topological penguin amplitudes for charmless hadronic two-body B-decays in QCD factorization. The corrections can be sizable for the colour-suppressed electroweak penguin amplitudes alpha_{4,EW}^p but otherwise are numerically small. Our results explicitly demonstrate factorization at this order. To assess the phenomenological viability of the framework, we consider penguin-to-tree ratios in the penguin-dominated pi K system and find agreement to the expected precision (i.e., a power correction).Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, talk given at ICHEP 2006, 26 July - 2 August, Mosco

    Scissor equivalence for torus links

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    This article is about a natural distance function induced by smooth cobordisms between links. We show that the cobordism distance of torus links is determined by the profiles of their signature functions, up to a constant factor.Comment: 15 pages, 5 figures, Theorem 1 adde
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