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    AI systems as supplemental agents, rather than primary agents

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    In today’s information age, artificial intelligence has made a name for itself as a futuristic agent that will take away jobs and leave the planet in desolation. At least, that is what the skeptics believe. The proponents of AI choose to harbor a different philosophy, that it is an agent that will solve humanity’s most challenging problems. Perhaps both takes are justified—let us unpack why

    An Intelligent Walking Stick for the Visually-Impaired People

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    Blind stick or white cane is introduced to blind people after the First World War as a mobility tool to detect the obstacles in the path of the user. This paper proposes an Arduino Nano based obstacle finding stick for visually-impaired people, which helps a blind person by detecting the obstacles using Ultrasonic sensors and android mobile application. It is able to inform the blind person about the circumstances & present condition of the path where he/she is walking. The main objective of this paper is to help a blind people to move more freely by using a reliable stick. The device consists of arduino nano, HC SR-04 ultrasonic sensor, HC-05 Bluetooth module, push buttons, 100nF ceramic capacitors and a 9V battery as the power source. And the android app is developed using MIT App Inventor 2