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    PACIAE 2.0: An updated parton and hadron cascade model (program) for the relativistic nuclear collisions

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    We have updated the parton and hadron cascade model PACIAE for the relativistic nuclear collisions, from based on JETSET 6.4 and PYTHIA 5.7 to based on PYTHIA 6.4, and renamed as PACIAE 2.0. The main physics concerning the stages of the parton initiation, parton rescattering, hadronization, and hadron rescattering were discussed. The structures of the programs were briefly explained. In addition, some calculated examples were compared with the experimental data. It turns out that this model (program) works well.Comment: 23 pages, 7 figure

    Origin of the anatase to rutile conversion of metal-doped TiO2

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    Extensive calculations using density functional theory enable us to explain the origin of the surprising room-temperature conversion of anatase to rutile phase of TiO2 when doped with Co and Ni, but not with Cu. Contrary to earlier suggestion, neither high spin nor strain of the transition metals is found to be responsible for this phase conversion. The driving mechanism, instead, is attributed to the increased interaction between Co and Ni atoms forming a linear chain in the rutile phase. We predict that Cr and Mn which have even larger spins than Co and Ni cannot induce this phase conversion

    Synthesising Resource-Advantage and Hofstede Cultural Dimensions: Customer Orientation, Knowledge Creation and Firm Performance

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    There is a dearth of studies on synthesising the resource-advantage theory and Hofstedecultural dimensions that explore the influence of customer orientation and knowledgecreation on the firm performance for small hotels. This paper reviews extant literaturethat provides insights on the influence of customer orientation and knowledge creationon firm performance. In-depth interviews with three hotel owners and three hotelmanagers were performed in this study. The results disclose that forging memorableand positive customer experiences and developing informed knowledge databases arebusiness practices that sustain the firm performance. From the theoretical aspect, it is apreliminary step to blend the culturally relevant customer orientation and knowledgecreation elements into forming a firm performance framework designed for small hotels
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