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    Finite-discrete element modelling of masonry infill walls subjected to out-of-plane loads

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    In this paper, the out-of-plane response of infill walls is investigated by means of non-linear monotonic (push-over) analyses through a combined finite and discrete modelling approach. The model accounts for material deformability, crack formation, sliding, separa-tion and formation of new contacts. Masonry units are modelled as finite elements, and differ-ent material models are assumed for the masonry. Contact between masonry units, and between masonry and frame elements is modelled by means of interfaces, which permit tan-gential motion with frictional sliding. Frame elements are modelled by means of a linear-elastic material. The results of the numerical analyses are compared with those of experimen-tal tests available in the literature. The advantages and disadvantages of the adopted model-ling strategy are investigated

    Integrating gender medicine into the workplace health and safety policy in the scientific research institutions: a mandatory task

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    Background. Gender medicine is a multi-faceted field of investigation integrating various aspects of psycho-social and biological sciences but it mainly deals with the impact of the gender on human physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical features of diseases. In Italy, the Decree Law 81/2008 recently introduced the gender issue in the risk assessment at the workplaces. aims. This review briefly describes our current knowledge on gender medicine and on the Italian legislation in risk management. Conclusions. Public or private scientific institutions should be the first to pay attention to the safety of their workers, who are simultaneously subjected to biological, chemical and physical agents. Main tasks of risk manage - ment in scientific research institutions are here analyzed and discussed in a gender perspective

    On the traces of lost identities: chronological, anthropological and taphonomic analyses of the Late Neolithic/Early Eneolithic fragmented and commingled human remains from the Farneto rock shelter (Bologna, northern Italy)

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    The present study examines the prehistoric human skeletal remains retrieved starting from the 1920s in the deposit of the Farneto rock shelter, situated in the area of the 'Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi e Calanchi dell'Abbadessa' (San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna, northern Italy). An exact dating and a reliable interpretation of the assemblage had not been reached so far because of the lack of contextual data useful for dating purposes, the inaccurate recovery procedures of the remains and their state of preservation. In fact, the skeletal remains from the Farneto rock shelter are highly fragmented and commingled, whereas reliable information about their original position and their recovery procedures are not available. Despite these difficulties, radiocarbon analyses allowed the precise dating of the remains to a final phase of the Neolithic and an early phase of the Eneolithic period in Emilia Romagna (northern Italy). The study of the assemblage enabled to clarify the use of the context for funerary purposes. Moreover, the anthropological and taphonomic analyses of the skeletal remains shed light on the biological profile of the individuals and on some events that occurred after their death. In particular, the analysis of perimortem lesions highlighted the existence of intentional interventions related to corpse treatment, referable to dismembering/disarticulation and scarnification, i.e. cleaning of bones from soft tissues. Finally, the comparison with other Italian and European Neo/Eneolithic funerary contexts enabled a better understanding of these complex ritual practices


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    The addictions substance free is an umbrella definition comprises internet addiction, sexual addiction, gambling pathological, workholism, videogames and computer addiction. Actually, the technological addictions is frequent in young adolescents. The term Digital Natives indicates the children born in an information system of learning and communication different from that of the generations previous. This temporal range was strongly characterized by growing presence of technological communication toolsin daily life. The effects of hyper-exposition to technological tools tend to create a relational virtuality without a body is born,therefore, already within the family ties and during adolescence he moved to the digital socialization network. The technological object it interacts between the adolescent and the world of peers and adults, becoming the facilitator object that as the psychotropic substance, it conveys new modes of communicatio

    Scar-Free Laparoscopy in BRCA-Mutated Women

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    Background and Objectives: BRCA 1 and 2 mutations have a cumulative risk of developing ovarian cancer at 70 years of 41% and 15%, respectively, while a cumulative risk of breast cancer by 80 years of age was 72% for BRCA1 mutation carriers and 69% for BRCA2 mutation carriers. The NCCN recommends risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomy (RRSO), typically between 35 and 40 years, and upon completion of childbearing in BRCA1 mutation, while it is reasonable to delay RRSO for management of ovarian cancer risk until age 40–45 years in patients with BRCA2. In recent years there have been two main lines of evolution in laparoscopy. The former concerning the development of a single-site laparoscopic and the latter concerning the miniaturisation of laparoscopic instruments (mini/micro-laparoscopy). Materials and Methods: In this case report, we show our experience in prophylactic adnexectomy, on a mutated-BRCA patient, using the MiniLap® percutaneous surgical system. Results: This type of technique is safe and effective and does not require a particular learning curve compared to single-port laparoscopy. Conclusions: The considerable aesthetic advantage of the scars, we believe, albeit to a lesser extent, is useful to find in these patients burdened by an important stress loa

    Clinical and functional characterization of a novel mutation in lamin a/c gene in a multigenerational family with arrhythmogenic cardiac laminopathy.

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    none17noneAkinori Kimura;Cinzia Forleo;Monica Carmosino;Nicoletta Resta;Alessandra Rampazzo;Rosanna Valecce;Sandro Sorrentino;Massimo Iacoviello;Francesco Pisani;Giuseppe Procino;Andrea Gerbino;Arnaldo Scardapane;Cristiano Simone;Martina Calore;Silvia Torretta;Maria Svelto;Stefano FavaleAkinori, Kimura; Cinzia, Forleo; Monica, Carmosino; Nicoletta, Resta; Rampazzo, Alessandra; Rosanna, Valecce; Sandro, Sorrentino; Massimo, Iacoviello; Francesco, Pisani; Giuseppe, Procino; Andrea, Gerbino; Arnaldo, Scardapane; Cristiano, Simone; Calore, Martina; Silvia, Torretta; Maria, Svelto; Stefano, Faval

    Sistema Integrato Multicentrico di Indicatori. Rapporto 2005. Provincia di Parma.

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    The SIMI (Integrated System of Indicators multicenter) Project contributes to the development of an integrated management of informative data streams related to drug addicted persons. This report analyzes the phenomenon of addiction on the territory of the Parma Province through a description of the network services that provide care and rehabilitation of those addicted. Besides the characteristics of users of local services for addictions, has been developed the analysis of the subjects reported to the prefectures for use of illegal drugs and any action taken. Standard methods of estimation were also applied to quantify the proportion of users of substances that do not relate to services and to identify certain characteristics.Il Progetto SIMI (Sistema Integrato Multicentrico di Indicatori) intende contribuire allo sviluppo di una gestione integrata e sinergica dei flussi informativi relativi ai consumatori di sostanze stupefacenti afferenti alle diverse amministrazioni dello Stato. In linea con quanto proposto dall\u27Osservatorio europeo di Lisbona, per la descrizione e analisi del fenomeno connesso all\u27uso/abuso di sostanze, risulta di fondamentale importanza la possibilit? di ottenere informazioni esaustive e comparabili sulle persone che usano e/o abusano di sostanze psicotrope. Il presente rapporto analizza il fenomeno delle dipendenze sul territorio della provincia di Parma attraverso la descrizione della rete dei servizi preposti alla cura e riabilitazione dei soggetti tossicodipendenti. Accanto alle caratteristiche degli utenti dei servizi territoriali per le dipendenze, ? stata sviluppata l\u27analisi dei soggetti segnalati alle Prefetture per uso di sostanze illegali e degli eventuali provvedimenti adottati. Sono state inoltre applicate metodologie standard di stima per quantificare la quota parte di utilizzatori di sostanze che non afferiscono ai servizi e per identificarne alcune caratteristiche

    Colorectal Cancer Stage at Diagnosis Before vs During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy

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    IMPORTANCE Delays in screening programs and the reluctance of patients to seek medical attention because of the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 could be associated with the risk of more advanced colorectal cancers at diagnosis. OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was associated with more advanced oncologic stage and change in clinical presentation for patients with colorectal cancer. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS This retrospective, multicenter cohort study included all 17 938 adult patients who underwent surgery for colorectal cancer from March 1, 2020, to December 31, 2021 (pandemic period), and from January 1, 2018, to February 29, 2020 (prepandemic period), in 81 participating centers in Italy, including tertiary centers and community hospitals. Follow-up was 30 days from surgery. EXPOSURES Any type of surgical procedure for colorectal cancer, including explorative surgery, palliative procedures, and atypical or segmental resections. MAIN OUTCOMES AND MEASURES The primary outcome was advanced stage of colorectal cancer at diagnosis. Secondary outcomes were distant metastasis, T4 stage, aggressive biology (defined as cancer with at least 1 of the following characteristics: signet ring cells, mucinous tumor, budding, lymphovascular invasion, perineural invasion, and lymphangitis), stenotic lesion, emergency surgery, and palliative surgery. The independent association between the pandemic period and the outcomes was assessed using multivariate random-effects logistic regression, with hospital as the cluster variable. RESULTS A total of 17 938 patients (10 007 men [55.8%]; mean [SD] age, 70.6 [12.2] years) underwent surgery for colorectal cancer: 7796 (43.5%) during the pandemic period and 10 142 (56.5%) during the prepandemic period. Logistic regression indicated that the pandemic period was significantly associated with an increased rate of advanced-stage colorectal cancer (odds ratio [OR], 1.07; 95%CI, 1.01-1.13; P = .03), aggressive biology (OR, 1.32; 95%CI, 1.15-1.53; P < .001), and stenotic lesions (OR, 1.15; 95%CI, 1.01-1.31; P = .03). CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE This cohort study suggests a significant association between the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the risk of a more advanced oncologic stage at diagnosis among patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancer and might indicate a potential reduction of survival for these patients
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