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    Chemical Composition of Bottom Sediments in Small Mountain Rivers (Altai, the Russian Federation)

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    The article deals with the chemical composition of bottom sediments in the small mountain rivers Aktru, Tyute, and Uznezya (Altai, Russia). It is established that as compared to small and middle plain rivers in Taiga zone, Siberia bottom sediments of the Aktru River contain less amount of K, Na, V, Cr, Mn, Ni, Al, Si, Ti, Sr, approximately the same – Fe, Co, Cu, Zn, Pb and more – As, Ca, Mg. It is suggested that there is a sharp increase of relative Al, Na, K and Si shares from the upland to lowland due to both weathering products accumulation of primary alumosilicates in bottom sediments and export of Ca and Mg from them when dissolving carbonate minerals. Composition transformations of bottom sediments is non-linear and considerably depends on composition of underlying and water-bearing rocks and water exchange intensity that manages time, conditions, and stages of interactions in “water – organic matter – rock” system