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    Adverse events following influenza immunization reported by healthcare personnel using active surveillance based on text messages

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    Studies have demonstrated that healthcare personnel (HCP) have concerns about the potential side effects of trivalent inactivate influenza vaccine (IIV3).1-3 A recent metaanalysis of reasons HCP refuse IIV3 indicates the strongest predictors of vaccine acceptance are belief that the vaccine is safe and belief the vaccine does not cause the disease it is meant to prevent.

    The use of geomagnetic field models in magnetic surveys

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    The importance of global geomagnetic field models for the reduction of magnetic surveys is discussed. It is demonstrated that a numerical model with adequate secular variation correction, provides a suitable representation of the regional field. The limitations of the presently available models are reported, with emphasis on the International Geomagnetic Reference Field

    Reprint of “In Memoriam” Henk Spekreijse (1940–2006)

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    Cosmic String Power Spectrum, Bispectrum and Trispectrum

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    We use analytic calculations of the post-recombination gravitational effects of cosmic strings to estimate the resulting CMB power spectrum, bispectrum and trispectrum. We place a particular emphasis on multipole regimes relevant for forthcoming CMB experiments, notably the Planck satellite. These calculations use a flat sky approximation, generalising previous work by integrating string contributions from last scattering to the present day, finding the dominant contributions to the correlators for multipoles l > 50. We find a well-behaved shape for the string bispectrum (without divergences) which is easily distinguishable from the inflationary bispectra which possess significant acoustic peaks. We estimate that the nonlinearity parameter characterising the bispectrum is approximately f_NL \sim -20 (given present string constraints from the CMB power spectrum. We also apply these unequal time correlator methods to calculate the trispectrum for parrallelogram configurations, again valid over a large range of angular scales relevant for WMAP and Planck, as well as on very small angular scales. We find that, unlike the bispectrum which is suppressed by symmetry considerations, the trispectrum for cosmic strings is large. Our current estimate for the trispectrum parameter is tau_NL \sim 10^5, which may provide one of the strongest constraints on the string model as estimators for the trispectrum are developed

    Renovation of Nitrogenous Wastewater Via Land Application

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    Removal of inorganic and organic nitrogen from wastewater prior to recharge of ground and surface waters can be accomplished by judicious land application. This study focused attention upon the feasibility of using sprinkler irrigation as the wastewater delivery system with coastal bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon L.,var. coastal) pasture as the wastewater sink. One site was located on a Sawyer soil near El Dorado, while the other was located on a Savannah soil near Malvern. This report is limited to the renovation of surface waters. Results revealed that nitrogen concentration in runoff water from rainfall was substantially less than nitrogen concentration of the wastewater applied to the soil and similar to background levels. Such results support the consideration of land application as a viable wastewater disposal method

    In-Flight Stability Analysis of the X-48B Aircraft

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    This report presents the system description, methods, and sample results of the in-flight stability analysis for the X-48B, Blended Wing Body Low-Speed Vehicle. The X-48B vehicle is a dynamically scaled, remotely piloted vehicle developed to investigate the low-speed control characteristics of a full-scale blended wing body. Initial envelope clearance was conducted by analyzing the stability margin estimation resulting from the rigid aircraft response during flight and comparing it to simulation data. Short duration multisine signals were commanded onboard to simultaneously excite the primary rigid body axes. In-flight stability analysis has proven to be a critical component of the initial envelope expansion
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