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    Depth-wise variations of soil physicochemical properties in the apple growing area of Mustang district, Nepal

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    Understanding the soil fertility is an important management tool in assessing the nutrient requirement of the crops. Considering this, a study was done to determine depth-wise soil parameters distribution in the apple growing areas of Gharpajhog Rural Municipality, Mustang during October 2019. The total 68 sampling points were selected randomly in the different sites, and collection was done from three depths viz. 0-20cm, 20-40cm and 40-60cm by using soil sampling auger. The soil separates, pH, organic matter, total N, available P2O5 and K2O were determined following standard methods in National Soil Science Research Centre, Khumaltar. The results of the study revealed that the effect of depth was significant in the sand and silt proportion, while non- significant in clay proportion. The highest (40.17±1.57%) sand content was in 40-60cm depth, meanwhile highest (45.64±1.07%) silt content was in surface (0-20cm) depth. In addition to this, soil pH, OM, total N, available P2O5 and K2O were also affected by the depth. The highest (8.27) pH was determined in the lower (40-60cm) depth. On the other hand, highest OM (4.93±0.2%), total N (0.24±0.01%), available P2O5 (43.47±4.35 mg/kg) and available K2O (95.91±5.8 mg/kg) in surface (0.20 cm) depth. The surface depth possessed strong content of studied soil parameters might be due to in-situ incorporation of leaf litter, residue etc. as well as applied manure in the surface. Finally, we can also conclude that the adopted current nutrient management practice should be continued for apple production in the study area

    Effect of policy and service quality of SOCSO on client satisfaction, moderated by client knowledge

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    The number of complaints made by SOCSO’s clients towards SOCSO gradually increase. Therefore, the annual goals of SOCSO are not consistently achieved. The policy makers and the service providers of SOCSO need to understand the client’s perception on the quality of service offered. Thus, this research attempted to study the effect of policy and the perceived service quality of SOCSO on client satisfaction. Besides, the study also examined the moderation effect of client knowledge on client satisfaction. This study was conducted all over Malaysia through the stratification of sampling in each state of the country. Five hundred and seven questionnaires were distributed but only 384 questionnaires were usable, yielding a response rate of 75.74%. The findings revealed that there are direct relationships between policy, perceived service quality and client satisfaction. The findings also showed that client knowledge moderated the relationships between policy, perceived service quality and client satisfaction. The theoretical implications of the study is the inclusion of client knowledge as the moderator in assimilation contrast theory. The practical implication of the study is assisting the organization to rework policy structure of SOCSO which consist of deductions and compensation coverage. The study concludes with limitations and suggestions for future work while some recommendations have been made to improve client satisfaction

    Atrial myxoma invading right ventricular cavity and pulmonary artery

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    Study report a 42-years-old female came with complaints of dyspnoea on exertion, and recurrent cough for past one year. She gives history of significant weight loss for the past 6 months. Trans thoracic echocardiogram showed large pedunculated myxoma measuring 28*18 mm attached to posterior wall of right atrium extending into right ventricle and outflow tract. Computed tomography pulmonary angiogram showed acute bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism with left upper lobe infarct. She underwent complete removal of the tumour along with patch of atrial wall with pulmonary embolectomy using Fogarty baloon catheter through median sternotomy. Her postoperative course was uneventful. This case is reported for its rarity of presentation of right atrial myxoma with pulmonary embolism

    Multifactorial Aspects of Adiponectin in Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a significant worldwide health issue strongly associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. It underscores the critical role of adiponectin, a significant adipokine, in the disease's intricate progression. NAFLD's complexity stems from its interplay with factors like obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome, with reduced adiponectin levels commonly observed in NAFLD patients, influenced by age, gender, lipid profiles, and insulin resistance. Adiponectin's versatility in mitigating insulin resistance, inflammation, and liver fibrosis makes it a focal point in NAFLD research, while recent studies introduce spexin, a neuropeptide, as a potential correlate, adding to the understanding of metabolic disorders. To tailor treatment approaches, recognizing the factors affecting adiponectin levels, such as genetics, lifestyle, and comorbidities, is crucial. Lifestyle changes and specific medications offer promise in improving NAFLD outcomes by modulating adiponectin. The article underscores adiponectin's central role in the complex NAFLD landscape and the need for further research to fully grasp its mechanisms and therapeutic potential in managing this prevalent liver disease, emphasizing the importance of rebalancing adipokines and enhancing metabolic health

    Service quality of social insurance industry and customer satisfaction from Malaysian perspective: customer knowledge as a moderator

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    Social insurance has an important role on delivering welfare-economics benefits to its customer in the course of occupational accidents. The increases of occupational accidents in Malaysia put stress on the social insurance to deliver a good services in order to improve its customer satisfaction. In this study, service quality which consists of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy (Parasuraman et al., 1988) seems to be an appropriate factor that social insurance organization need to tackle in carrying out their duties effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, customer knowledge which measure the performance of an organization on delivering knowledge of product and services to the customer (Ensign & Gittelson, 1988) can act as a catalyst for customer satisfaction that will support the implementation of service quality in social insurance. Therefore, this conceptual paper attempts to examine the role of customer knowledge as a moderator on the relationship service quality of social insurance and customer satisfaction in Malaysian context