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    Zamalodchikov's C-Theorem and The Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory

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    We consider perturbation of a conformal field theory by a pair of relevant logarithmic operators and calculate the beta function up to two loops. We observe that the beta function can not be derived from a potential. Thus the renormalization group trajectories are not always along decreasing values of the central charge. However there exists a domain of structure constants in which the c-theorem still holds.Comment: 10 pages, latex, no figures, some references are added, The role of coefficients of the OPE in LCFT on the beta-functions are disscuse

    Research and design of corporate networks infrastructure using SDN technologies with emphasis to virtual switch

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    Software Defined Networking has brought revolution to the world of Network technology which replaces most of the physical devices and control layer of the cloud computing reference model takes control of many Networking Devices. A Virtual Switch is a software by the virtue of which communication between several virtual machines take place. In contrast to physical switch is, it does not only forwards data packets but also checks the data for security before it is forwarded to other virtual machines. Interrelated components of software components work together to form a virtual network infrastructure. Out of the software components, the emphasis is targeted on Virtual switch functions and how it differs from the traditional switches

    Tameness of Local cohomology of monomial ideals with respect to monomial prime ideals

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    In this paper we consider the local cohomology of monomial ideals with respect to monomial prime ideals and show that all these local cohomology modules are tame

    On the regularity of local cohomology of bigraded algebras

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    The Hilbert functions and the regularity of the graded components of local cohomology of a bigraded algebra are considered. Explicit bounds for these invariants are obtained for bigraded hypersurface rings