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    Bryophytes of Mordovia State Nature Reserve (European Russia)

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    The present study compiles the results of bryophyte species inventories made at the Mordovia State Nature Reserve from 2014 till 2016. The reserve is located near southern limit of deciduous-coniferous forest subzone. In total 96% of the reserve is covered by forests, where about half are pine forests. The annotated bryophyte checklist includes 142 moss species and 23 liverwort species. The data on collecting site characteristics, habitats, substrates, bryophyte species frequency, and sporophyte presence are provided. Presented treatment is a key contribution to the bryophyte flora of Mordovia and important for the knowledge on bryophyte distribution of this forested area within strongly anthropogenically disturbed European Russian landscape.

    New national and regional bryophyte records, 63

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    Erkul, Karaman ( Aksaray, Yazar )Bucklandiella subsecunda (Harv.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra Contributor. R. Ochyra Madagascar. Diana Region, Tsaratanana Massif, 14° 01â€Č S, 48°56â€Č W, 1200–2400 m a.s.l., April 1924, leg. Perrier de la Bathe s.n. (H-Brotherus, JE-Herzog, PCP.de la Varde 0707821, PC-ThĂ©riot 0708099). Racomitrium Brid., in its traditional circumscription is poorly represented in the moss flora of Madagascar and hitherto only one specimen of this genus has been discovered on this fourth largest island in the world. It was collected in 1924 by Perrier de la Bathie on the Tsaratanana Massif, and ThĂ©riot (1926) reported it as an unnamed form of Racomitrium lepervanchei Besch., a species endemic to RĂ©union Island. As Racomitrium proved to be heterogeneous, it was split into six segregates (Ochyra, Ć»arnowiec et al. 2003; Bednarek-Ochyra, Ochyra, Sawicki et al. 2014; Bednarek-Ochyra, Sawicki, Ochyra, et al. 2015; Sawicki et al. 2015), R. lepervanchei was placed in the genus Bucklandiella Roiv. Nevertheless, the voucher specimen was not studied by De Sloover (1977) in his survey of African Racomitrium and this material was assigned either to R. crispulum (Hook.f. & Wilson) Wilson (Crosby et al. 1983) or Bucklandiella membranacea (Mitt.) Bedn.-Ochyra & Ochyra (Marline et al. 2012), as R. lepervanchei was considered to be conspecific with these species (Clifford 1955; Lawton 1973). The specimen from the Tsaratanana Massif has distinct auricles and broad, flattened costa with 6–8 enlarged ventral guide cells, which are typical of Bucklandiella subsecunda. This is a pantropical oreophyte, widespread in tropical and subtropical Asia (Frisvoll 1988), subSaharan Africa (Bednarek-Ochyra and Ochyra 2012a, 2013; Ochyra and van Rooy 2013), Central and South America (Bednarek-Ochyra et al. 1999; Bednarek-Ochyra and Ochyra 2012b; Ellis, Bakalin et al. 2013) and the maritime Antarctic (Ochyra, Lewis Smith et al. 2008)

    4Th Pediatric Allergy And Asthma Meeting (Paam)

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    WORKSHOP 4: Challenging clinical scenarios (CS01–CS06), CS01 Bullous lesions in two children: solitary mastocytoma, S. Tolga Yavuz, Ozan Koc, Ali Gungor, Faysal Gok, CS02 Multi-System Allergy (MSA) of cystic fibrosis: our institutional experience, Jessica Hawley, Christopher O’Brien, Matthew Thomas, Malcolm Brodlie, Louise Michaelis, CS03 Cold urticaria in pediatric age: an invisible cause for severe reactions, InĂȘs Mota, Ângela Gaspar, Susana Piedade, Graça Sampaio, JosĂ© Geraldo Dias, Miguel Paiva, MĂĄrio Morais-Almeida, CS04 Angioedema with C1 inhibitor deficiency in a girl: a challenge diagnosis, Cristina Madureira, TĂąnia Lopes, Susana Lopes, Filipa Almeida, Alexandra Sequeira, Fernanda Carvalho, JosĂ© Oliveira, CS05 A child with unusual multiple organ allergy disease: what is the primer?, Fabienne Gay-Crosier, CS06 A case of uncontrolled asthma in a 6-year-old patient, Ioana-Valentina Nenciu, Andreia Florina Nita, Alexandru Ulmeanu, Dumitru Oraseanu, Carmen Zapucioiu, ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 1: Food allergy (OP01–OP06), OP01 Food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome: oral food challenge outcomes for tolerance evaluation in a Pediatric Hospital, Adrianna Machinena, Olga DomĂ­nguez SĂĄnchez, Montserrat Alvaro Lozano, Rosa Jimenez Feijoo, Jaime Lozano Blasco, MĂČnica Piquer Gibert, MÂȘ Teresa Giner Muñoz, Marcia Dias da Costa, Ana Maria Plaza MartĂ­n, OP02 Characteristics of infants with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome and allergic proctocolitis, Ebru Arik Yilmaz, Özlem Cavkaytar, Betul Buyuktiryaki, Ozge Soyer, Cansin Sackesen, OP03 The clinical and immunological outcomes after consumption of baked egg by 1–5 year old egg allergic children: results of a randomised controlled trial, MerrynNetting, Adaweyah El-Merhibi, Michael Gold, PatrickQuinn, IrmeliPenttila, Maria Makrides, OP04 Oral immunotherapy for treatment of egg allergy using low allergenic, hydrolysed egg, Stavroula Giavi, Antonella Muraro, Roger Lauener, Annick Mercenier, Eugen Bersuch, Isabella M. Montagner, Maria Passioti, NicolĂČ Celegato, Selina Summermatter, Sophie Nutten, Tristan Bourdeau, Yvonne M. Vissers, Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos, OP05 Chemical modification of a peanut extract results in an increased safety profile while maintaining efficacy, Hanneke van der Kleij, Hans Warmenhoven, Ronald van Ree, Raymond Pieters, Dirk Jan Opstelten, Hans van Schijndel, Joost Smit, OP06 Administration of the yellow fever vaccine in egg allergic children, Roisin Fitzsimons, Victoria Timms, George Du Toit, ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 2: Asthma (OP07–OP12), OP07 Previous exacerbation is the most important risk factor for future exacerbations in school-age children with asthma, S. Tolga Yavuz, Guven Kaya, Mustafa Gulec, Mehmet Saldir, Osman Sener, Faysal Gok, OP08 Comparative study of degree of severity and laboratory changes between asthmatic children using different acupuncture modalities, Nagwa Hassan, Hala Shaaban, Hazem El-Hariri, Ahmed Kamel Inas E. Mahfouz, OP09 The concentration of exhaled carbon monoxide in asthmatic children with different controlled stadium, Papp Gabor, Biro Gabor, Kovacs Csaba, OP10 Effect of vitamin D3 supplementation during pregnancy on risk of persistent wheeze in the offspring: a randomised clinical trial, Bo Chawes, Klaus BĂžnnelykke, Jakob Stokholm, Lene Heickendorff, Susanne Brix, Morten Rasmussen, Hans Bisgaard, OP11 Lung function development in childhood, Henrik Wegener Hallas, Bo Chawes, Lambang Arianto, Hans Bisgaard, OP12 Is the effect of maternal and paternal asthma different in female and male children before puberty?, Maike Pincus, Thomas Keil, Andreas Reich, Ulrich Wahn, Susanne Lau, Linus Grabenhenrich, ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 3: Epidemiology—genetics (OP13–OP18), OP13 Lifestyle is associated with incidence and category of allergen sensitisation: the ALADDIN birth cohort, Sara Fagerstedt, Helena Marell Hesla, Emelie Johansson, Helen Rosenlund, Axel Mie, Annika Scheynius, Johan Alm, OP15 Maternal filaggrin mutations increase the risk of atopic dermatitis in children: an effect independent of mutation inheritance, Jorge Esparza-Gordillo, Anja Matanovic, Ingo Marenholz, Anja Bauerfeind, Klaus Rohde, Katja Nemat, Min-Ae Lee-Kirsch, Magnus Nordenskjöld, Marten C. G. Winge, Thomas Keil, Renate KrĂŒger, Susanne Lau, Kirsten Beyer, Birgit Kalb, Bodo Niggemann, Norbert HĂŒbner, Heather J. Cordell, Maria Bradley, Young-Ae Lee, OP16 Allergic multimorbidity of asthma, rhinitis and eczema in the first 2 decades of the German MAS birth cohort, Thomas Keil, Hannah Gough, Linus Grabenhenrich, Dirk Schramm, Andreas Reich, John Beschorner, Antje Schuster, Carl-Peter Bauer, Johannes Forster, Fred Zepp, Young-Ae Lee, Renate Bergmann, Karl Bergmann, Ulrich Wahn, Susanne Lau, OP17 Childhood anaphylaxis: a growing concern, Filipe Benito Garcia, InĂȘs Mota, Susana Piedade, Ângela Gaspar, Natacha Santos, Helena PitĂ©, MĂĄrio Morais-Almeida, OP18 Indoor exposure to molds and dampness in infancy and its association to persistent atopic dermatitis in school age. Results from the Greek ISAAC II study, Athina Papadopoulou, Despina Mermiri, Elpida Xatziagorou, Ioannis Tsanakas, Stavroula Lampidi, Kostas Priftis, ORAL ABSTRACT SESSION 4: Pediatric rhinitis—immunotherapy (OP19–OP24), OP19 Associations between residential greenness and childhood allergic rhinitis and aeroallergen sensitisation in seven birth cohorts, Elaine Fuertes, Iana Markevych, Gayan Bowatte, Olena Gruzieva, Ulrike Gehring, Allan Becker, Dietrich Berdel, Michael Brauer, Chris Carlsten, Barbara Hoffmann, Anita Kozyrskyj, Caroline Lodge, Göran Pershagen, Alet Wijga, Heinrich Joachim, OP20 Full symptom control in pediatric patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma: results of a 2-year sublingual allergen immunotherapy study, Zorica Zivkovic, Ivana Djuric-Filipovic, Jasmina Jocić-Stevanovic, SneĆŸana Zivanovic, OP21 Nasal epithelium of different ages of atopic subjects present increased levels of oxidative stress and increased cell cytotoxicity upon rhinovirus infection, Styliani Taka, Dimitra Kokkinou, Aliki Papakonstantinou, Panagiota Stefanopoulou, Anastasia Georgountzou, Paraskevi Maggina, Sofia Stamataki, Vassiliki Papaevanggelou, Evangelos Andreakos, Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos, OP22 Cluster subcutaneous immunotherapy schedule: tolerability profile in children, Monica Piquer Gibert, Montserrat Alvaro Lozano, Jaime Lozano Blasco, Olga DomĂ­nguez SĂĄnchez, Rosa JimĂ©nez Feijoo, Marcia Dias da Costa, MÂȘ Teresa Giner Muñoz, Adriana Machinena Spera, Ana Maria Plaza MartĂ­n, OP23 Rhinitis as a risk factor for asthma severity in 11-year old children: population-based cohort study, Matea Deliu, Danielle Belgrave, Angela Simpson, Adnan Custovic, OP24 The Global Lung Function Initiative equations in airway obstruction evaluation of asthmatic children, JoĂŁo Gaspar Marques, Pedro Carreiro-Martins, Joana Belo, Sara Serranho, Isabel Peralta, Nuno Neuparth, Paula Leiria-Pinto, POSTER DISCUSSION SESSION 1: Food allergy (PD01–PD05), PD01 Allergen-specific humoral and cellular responses in children who fail egg oral immunotherapy due to allergic reactions, Marta Vazquez-Ortiz, Mariona Pascal, Ana Maria Plaza, Manel Juan, PD02 FoxP3 epigenetic features in children with cow milk allergy, Lorella Paparo, Rita Nocerino, Rosita Aitoro, Ilaria Langella, Antonio Amoroso, Alessia Amoroso, Carmen Di Scala, Roberto Berni Canani, PD04 Combined milk and egg allergy in early childhood: let them eat cake?, Santanu Maity, Giuseppina Rotiroti, Minal Gandhi, PD05 Introduction of complementary foods in relation to allergy and gut microbiota in farm and non-farm children, Karin Jonsson, Annika Ljung, Bill Hesselmar, Ingegerd Adlerbert, Hilde Brekke, Susanne Johansen, Agnes Wold, Ann-Sofie Sandberg, POSTER DISCUSSION SESSION 2: Asthma and wheeze (PD06–PD16), PD06 The association between asthma and exhaled nitric oxide is influenced by genetics and sensitisation, Björn Nordlund, Cecilia Lundholm, Villhelmina Ullemar, Marianne van Hage, Anne Örtqvist, Catarina Almqvist, PD09 Prevalence patterns of infant wheeze across Europe, Anna Selby, Kate Grimshaw, Thomas Keil, Linus Grabenhenrich, Michael Clausen, Ruta Dubakiene, Alessandro Fiocchi, Marek Kowalski, Nikos Papadopoulos, Marta Reche, Sigurveig Sigurdardottir, Aline Sprikkleman, Paraskevi Xepapadaki, Clare Mills, Kirsten Beyer, Graham Roberts, PD10 Epidemiologic changes in recurrent wheezing infants, Herberto Jose Chong Neto, Gustavo Falbo Wandalsen, Ana Carolina Dela Bianca, Carolina Aranda, Nelson Augusto RosĂĄrio, Dirceu SolĂ©, Javier Mallol, Luis GarcĂ­a Marcos, PD13 A single nucleotide polymorphism in the GLCCI1 gene is associated with response to asthma treatment in children, IvanaBanic, Matija Rijavec, Davor Plavec, Peter Korosec, Mirjana Turkalj, PD14 Pollen induced asthma: Could small molecules in pollen exacerbate the protein-mediated allergic response?, Alen Bozicevic, Maria De Mieri, Matthias Hamburger, PD15 A qualitative study to understand how we can empower teenagers to better self-manage their asthma, Simone Holley, Ruth Morris, Frances Mitchell, Rebecca Knibb, Susan Latter, Christina Liossi, Graham Roberts, PD16 Polymorphism of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) gene among Egyptian children with bronchial asthma, Mostafa M. M. Hassan, POSTER DISCUSSION SESSION 3: Mechanisms—Epidemiology (PD17–PD21), PD17 Pregnancy outcomes in relation to development of allergy in a Swedish birth cohort, Malin Barman, Anna Sandin, Agnes Wold, Ann-Sofie Sandberg, PD18 Evolution of the IgE response to house dust mite molecules in childhood, Daniela Posa, Serena Perna, Carl-Peter Bauer, Ute Hoffmann, Johannes Forster, Fred Zepp, Antje Schuster, Ulrich Wahn, Thomas Keil, Susanne Lau, Kuan-Wei Chen, Yvonne Resch, Susanne Vrtala, Rudolf Valenta, Paolo Maria Matricardi, PD19 Antibody recognition of nsLTP-molecules as antigens but not as allergens in the German-MAS birth cohort, Olympia Tsilochristou, Alexander Rohrbach, Antonio Cappella, Stephanie Hofmaier, Laura Hatzler, Carl-Peter Bauer, Ute Hoffmann, Johannes Forster, Fred Zepp, Antje Schuster, RaffaeleD’Amelio, Ulrich Wahn, Thomas Keil, Susanne Lau, Paolo Maria Matricardi, PD20 Early life colonization with Lactobacilli and Staphylococcus aureus oppositely associates with the maturation and activation of FOXP3+ CD4 T-cells, Sophia Björkander, Maria A. Johansson, Gintare Lasaviciute, Eva Sverremark-Ekström, PD21 Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies 7 susceptibility loci involved in the atopic march, Ingo Marenholz, Jorge Esparza-Gordillo, Franz RĂŒschendorf, Anja Bauerfeind, David P. Strachan, Ben D. Spycher, Hansjörg Baurecht, Patricia Margaritte-Jeannin, Annika SÀÀf, Marjan Kerkhof, Markus Ege, Svetlana Baltic, Melanie C Matheson, Jin Li, Sven Michel, Wei Q. Ang, Wendy McArdle, Andreas Arnold, Georg Homuth, Florence Demenais, Emmanuelle Bouzigon, Cilla SöderhĂ€ll, Göran Pershagen, Johan C. de Jongste, Dirkje S Postma, Charlotte Braun-FahrlĂ€nder, Elisabeth Horak, Ludmila M. Ogorodova, Valery P. Puzyrev, Elena Yu Bragina, Thomas J Hudson, Charles Morin, David L Duffy, Guy B Marks, Colin F Robertson, Grant W Montgomery, Bill Musk, Philip J Thompson, Nicholas G. Martin, Alan James, Patrick Sleiman, Elina Toskala, Elke Rodriguez, Regina Fölster-Holst, Andre Franke, Wolfgang Lieb, Christian Gieger, Andrea Heinzmann, Ernst Rietschel, Thomas Keil, Sven Cichon, Markus M Nöthen, Craig E Pennell, Peter D Sly, Carsten O Schmidt, Anja Matanovic, Valentin Schneider, Matthias Heinig, Norbert HĂŒbner, Patrick G. Holt, Susanne Lau, Michael Kabesch, Stefan Weidinger, Hakon Hakonarson, Manuel AR Ferreira, Catherine Laprise, Maxim B. Freidin, Jon Genuneit, Gerard H Koppelman, Erik MelĂ©n, Marie-HĂ©lĂšne Dizier, A. John Henderson, Young Ae Lee, POSTER DISCUSSION SESSION 4: Food allergy—Anaphylaxis (PD22–PD26), PD22 Atopy patch test in food protein induced enterocolitis caused by solid food, Purificacion GonzĂĄlez-Delgado, Esther CaparrĂłs, Fernando Clemente, Begoña Cueva, Victoria M. Moreno, Jose Luis Carretero, Javier FernĂĄndez, PD23 Watermelon allergy: a novel presentation, Kate Swan, George Du Toit, PD24 A pilot study evaluating the usefulness of a guideline template for managing milk allergy in primary care, Mudiyur Gopi, Tim Smith, Edara Ramesh, Arun Sadasivam, PD26 Efficacy and safety of cow’s milk oral immunotherapy protocol, InĂȘs Mota, Filipe Benito Garcia, Susana Piedade, Angela Gaspar, Graça Sampaio, Cristina ArĂȘde, LuĂ­s Miguel Borrego, Graça Pires, Cristina Santa-Marta, MĂĄrio Morais-Almeida, POSTER DISCUSSION SESSION 5: Prevention and treatment—Allergy (PD27–PD36), PD27 Allergy-protection by the lactic acid bacterium Lactococcus lactis G121: mode-of-action as revealed in a murine model of experimental allergy, Stephanie Brand, Karina Stein, Holger Heine, Marion Kauth, PD29 The relationship between quality of life and morning salivary cortisol after acute bronchiolitis in infancy, Leif Bjarte Rolfsjord, Egil Bakkeheim, Johan Alm, HĂ„vard Ove Skjerven, Kai-HĂ„kon Carlsen, Jon Olav Hunderi, Teresa LĂžvold Berents, Petter Mowinckel, Karin C. LĂždrup Carlsen, PD30 Randomised trial of the efficacy of MP29-02* compared with fluticasone propionate nasal spray in children aged ≄6 years to <12 years with allergic rhinitis, Ulrich Wahn, Ullrich Munzel, William Berger, PD31 10 mg of oral bilastine in 2 to 11 years old children has similar exposure to the adult therapeutic dose (20 mg), Ulrich Wahn, RomĂĄn Valiente, Valvanera Vozmediano, John C. Lukas, MĂłnica RodrĂ­guez, PD33 Daily symptoms, nocturnal symptoms, activity limitations and reliever therapies during the three steps of IOEASMA programme: a comparison, Sebastiano Guarnaccia, Luigi Vitale, Ada Pluda, Emanuele D’Agata, Denise Colombo, Stefano Felici, Valeria Gretter, Susanna Facchetti, Gaia Pecorelli, Cristina Quecchia, PD34 Sensitisation to an inert aeroallergen in weaning rats and longstanding disease, in a sensitisation-tolerant and easily tolerisable rodent strain, George Guibas, Evangelia Spandou, Spyridon Megremis, Peter West, Nikolaos Papadopoulos, PD35 Bacterial and fungi exposure in school and allergic sensitisation in children, JoĂŁo Cavaleiro Rufo, Joana Madureira, InĂȘs PaciĂȘncia, LĂ­via Aguiar, PatrĂ­cia PadrĂŁo, Mariana Pinto, LuĂ­s Delgado, Pedro Moreira, JoĂŁo Paulo Teixeira, Eduardo Oliveira Fernandes, AndrĂ© Moreira, PD36 Comparative study of allergy rhinitis between two populations: children vs. adults, Adriana Izquierdo Dominguez, Antonio Valero, Joaquim Mullol, Alfonso Del Cuvillo, Javier Montoro, Ignacio Jauregui, Joan Bartra, Ignacio Davila, Marta Ferrer, Joaquin Sastre, POSTER VIEWING SESSION 1: Inflammation—Genetics—Immunology—Dermatology (PP01–PP09), PP01 Immune profile in late pregnancy: immunological markers in atopic asthmaticwomen as risk factors for atopy in the progeny, Catarina Martins, Jorge Lima, Maria JosĂ© Leandro, GlĂłria Nunes, Jorge Cunha Branco, HĂ©lder Trindade, Luis Miguel Borrego, PP02 The impact of neonatal sepsis on development of allergic diseases, Secil Conkar, Mehtap Kilic, Canan Aygun, Recep Sancak, PP03 Clinical overview of selective IgE deficiency in childhood, Athina Papadopoulou, Eleni Tagalaki, Lambros Banos, Anna Vlachou, Fotini Giannoula, Despina Mermiri, PP04 Inverse relationship between serum 25(ΟΗ) vitamin D3 and total IgE in children and adolescence, Athina Papadopoulou, Stavroula Lampidi, Marina Pavlakou, Maria Kryoni, Kostas Makris, PP05, PP06, PP07 Asthma control questionnaire and specific IgE in children, Snezhina Lazova, Guergana Petrova, Dimitrinka Miteva, Penka Perenovska, PP08 Features of chronic urticaria of adolescents, Aliya Klyucharova, Olesya Skorohodkina, PP09 Cutaneous mastocytosis in children: a clinical analysis of 8 cases in Greece, Dimitra Koumaki, Alkisti Manousaki, Maria Agrapidi, Lida Iatridou, Omima Eruk, Konstantinos Myridakis, Emmanouil Manousakis, Vasiliki Koumaki, POSTER VIEWING SESSION 2: Food allergy—Anaphylaxis (PP10–PP47), PP10 Prognostic factors in egg allergy, Maria Dimou, Maria Ingemansson, Gunilla Hedlin, PP11 Evaluation of the efficacy of an amino acid-based formula in infants who are intolerant to extensively hydrolysed protein formula, Nitida Pastor, Delphine de Boissieu, Jon Vanderhoof, Nancy Moore, Kaitlin Maditz, PP12 Anaphylaxis and epinephrine auto-injector use: a survey of pediatric trainees, Adeli Mehdi, Shaza Elhassan, Carolin Beck, Ahmed Al-Hammadi, PP13 Anaphylaxis in children: acute management in the Emergency Department, Ioana Maris, Ronan O’Sullivan, Jonathan Hourihane,, PP14 Understanding Cumbrian schools preparedness in managing children at risk of anaphylaxis in order to provide training and support which will create healthy and safe environments for children with allergies, George Raptis, Louise Michaelis, PP15 A new valid and reliable parent and child questionnaire to measure the impact of food protein enterocolitis syndrome on children: the FPIES Quality of Life Questionnaire (FPIESQL), Parent and Child Short Form, Audrey DunnGalvin, Matthew Greenhawt, Carina Venter, Jonathan Hourihane, PP16 An in-depth case study investigation of the experiences of teenagers and young adults in growing up and living with food allergy with emphasis on coping, management and risk, support, and social and self-identity, Evelyn O’Regan, Duncan Cronin, Jonathan Hourihane, Anna O’Reilly, Audrey DunnGalvin, PP17 Cow’s milk protein allergy in Constantine. A retrospective study of 62 cases between 1996 and 2013, Foued Abdelaziz, Dounia Khelifi-Touhami, Nihad Selim, Tahar Khelifi-Touhami, PP18, PP19 Cow’s milk and egg oral immunotherapy in children older than 5 years, Pablo Merida, Ana MÂȘ Plaza, Juan Heber Castellanos, Adrianna Machinena, Montserrat Alvaro Lozano, Jaime Lozano, Olga Dominguez, Monica Piquer, Rosa Jimenez, MÂȘ Teresa Giner, PP20 Professionals’ awareness of management of Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) in North Wales Hospitals, Konstantinos Kakleas, Manohar Joishy, Wendmu Maskele, Huw R. Jenkins, PP21, PP22 Anaphylaxis: the great unknown for teachers. Presentation of a protocol for schools, Mercedes Escarrer, AgustĂ­n Madroñero, Maria Teresa Guerra, Juan Carlos Julia, Juan Carlos Cerda, Javier Contreras, Eulalia Tauler, Maria Jesus Vidorreta, Ana Rojo, Silvia Del Valle, PP23 Challenges facing children with food allergies and their parents in out of school activity sectors, Niamh Flynn, PP24 A review of food challenges at a Regional Irish Centre, Gary Foley, Carol Harmon, John Fitzsimons, PP25 The use of epinephrine in infants with anaphylaxis, Krasimira Baynova, Ávila Maria Del Robledo, Labella Marina, PP26, PP27, PP28 Mother’s psychological state predicts the expression of symptoms in food allergic children, Aaron Cortes, Alicia Sciaraffia, Angela Castillo, PP29 The correlation between sIgE towards tree nuts and birch pollen in a Danish Pediatric Allergy Clinic, Nanna Juel-Berg, Kirsten Skamstrup Hansen, Lars KĂŠrgaard Poulsen, PP30 Food allergy in children: evaluation of parents’ use of online social media, Andreia Florina Nita, Ioana Valentina Nenciu, Adina Lazar, Dumitru Oraseanu, PP31 The impact of food allergy on quality of life: FAQLQ questionnaire, Rita Aguiar, Anabela Lopes, Maria J. Paes, AmĂ©lia S. Santos, M. A. Pereira-Barbosa, PP32 An unexpected cause of anaphylaxis: potato, Hatice Eke Gungor, Salih Uytun, Umit Murat Sahiner, Yasemin Altuner Torun, PP33 Is it clinical phenotype of allergic diseases determined by sensitisation to food?, Mirjana Zivanovic, Marina Atanasković-Marković, PP34, PP35 Prescribing adrenaline auto-injectors in children in 2014: the data from regional pediatricians, Tina Vesel, Mihaela Nahtigal, Andreja Obermayer-Temlin, Eva Ć oster KriĆŸnik, Mirjana Maslar, Ruben Bizjak, Marjeta TomĆĄič-Matic, Sonja Posega-Devetak, Maja Skerbinjek-Kavalar, Mateja Predalič, Tadej Avčin, PP36 Who should have an adrenaline autoinjector? Adherence to the European and French guidelines among 121 allergists from the Allergy Vigilance Network, Guillaume Pouessel, Etienne Beaudouin, Anne M. Moneret-Vautrin, Antoine Deschildre, Allergy Vigilance Network, PP37 Anaphylaxis by Anacardium Occidentale, Marta Viñas, BartolomĂ© Borja, Nora HernĂĄndez, MÂȘ JosĂ© Castillo, Adriana Izquierdo, Marcel Ibero, PP38 Anaphylaxis with honey in a child, S. Tolga Yavuz, Ali Gungor, Betul Buyuktiryaki, Ozan Koc, Can Naci Kocabas, Faysal Gok, PP39 Evaluation of courses adopted to children on prevention, recognition and management of anaphylaxis, Tina Vesel, Mihaela Nahtigal, PP40 Symptomatic dust mites and shrimp allergy: three pediatric case reports, Filipa Almeida, Susana Lopes, Cristina Madureira, TĂąnia Lopes, Fernanda Carvalho, PP41 Poor identification rates of nuts by high risk individuals: a call for improved education and support for families, Camille Heming, Emily Garrett, Adam Blackstock, Santanu Maity, Rahul Chodhari, PP42 DAFALL: database of food allergies in the Czech Republic, Simona Belohlavkova, Eliska Kopelentova, Petr Visek, Ivana Setinova, Ivana Svarcova, PP43 Serological cross-reactivity between grass and wheat is not only caused by profilins and CCDs, Sigrid Sjölander, Nora Nilsson, Malin Berthold, Helena Ekoff, Gunilla Hedlin, Magnus Borres, Caroline Nilsson, PP44 Oil body associated proteins in children with nuts allergy. Allergens to consider in IgE-mediated nuts allergy, Loreto GonzĂĄlez DomĂ­nguez, Cristina Muñoz Archidona, Ana Moreira Jorge, Sergio Quevedo Teruel, Teresa Bracamonte Bermejo, Miriam Castillo FernĂĄndez, Fernando Pineda de la Losa, Luis Ángel EcheverrĂ­a Zudaire, PP45, PP46 Protective effect of helicobacter pylori infection against food allergy in children, Olga Vrani, Antigone Mavroudi, Maria Fotoulaki, Maria Emporiadou, Kleomenis Spiroglou, Ioannis Xinias, PP47 Anaphylaxis pathway: A road tryp-tase to success?, Helyeh A. Sadreddini, Mia Warnes, Donna Traves, POSTER VIEWING SESSION 3: Miscell