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    Creativity as the Conceptual and Pragmatic Framing of Mind

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    As a philosophical concept, creativity is generally understood as a mental capacity of generating something new that has never existed before: ideas, compositions, arrangements, concepts, systems, forms, styles or products. As a mental capacity, it is widely believed that the end product of creativity is ‘new idea’, as an absolute creation of ‘individual genius’. This general claim about ‘newness’ as a genuine product of creativity obscures the fact that an idea can only be generated based on previous ideas, through a mechanism of ‘repetition’. The disavowal of repetition as an integral part of the concept of creativity leads to certain form of framing, namely a ‘conceptual framing’, through which newness as a relevant concept is celebrated in discourse, while the concept of repetition is concealed as irrelevant. This framing distorts the true meaning of creativity. In addition, there is another form of framing, which is more pragmatic, namely an ‘economic framing’, through which  the profit motive of creativity is exposed, whereas social, cultural, educational, and spiritual motives are concealed. Both forms of concealment have fundamentally distorted the true functions, motives and aims of  creativity. Keywords:*art, *creativity, *newness, *difference, *repetition, *borrowing, *field, *framing , *mental capacity, *social product, *capital, *power, *total expressio

    Assess Irony Communication of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono through Political Cartoon

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    Irony is a figure of speech that states the meaning as opposed to the true meaning, and presented a mismatch between the atmosphere and the underlying reality. Irony communication is often done by our politicians. It seems to reveal the communication activities related to politics by presenting actual and potential consequences that set humans under conditions of conflict. The actual consequences means that activities actually performed by political actors, political communication or activity that is clearly located within the realm of political communication, such as campaign, presidential speeches, political advertising, and so on. Irony communication is that not only the language of political compromise merely rhetoric but also paralinguistic signs such as gestures and political action. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) as a political figure who had occupied the position as the number one in Indonesia during the two periods of leadership in the reform era, has a communication style of irony that interesting to study. Using Discourse Analysis approach, this study examines this issue through political cartoons, meanwhile political cartoons as a form of visual communication and journalism then the message is in the cartoon can also be used to understand the texts produced in discourse. Keywords: Irony Communication, Political Cartoon, Visual Discourse

    National Identity Recognized Through Ethnic Costumes International Festival: A Perspective to Construct Multidimensional Identity

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    The success of Dynand Fariz to manage Jember Fashion Carnaval and various fragrant name in the selection of International Best National Costume and road shows bring into question how far the authors’ costume creation are presented the state identity. Costumes display were able to be appreciated by International observers and managed to get award that will boost the country. This study uses interpretive analysis of the Indonesian costumes that follow international competitions from 2011 to 2015. The existence of  national tradition costumes in the international event explaining its role as a form of non-verbal intercultural communication. On one side costume display prioritizing an icon, a symbol of regional ethnic specialties on the other side also do crossbreeding with other area codes, code of locality or transnational. Costumes such treatment is not only emphasized the diversity that is often touted as efforts to resolve social conflicts, but also opens up cultural barriers through dialogue process. With creative ideas the creators have to do reasoning and freedom to choose, mix and match aspects of the tradition that exist in costume with other aspects of regional localities even open for crossing with trannasional aspects. An awareness to build not just a plural identity mono-culturalism but a multidimensional identity perspective that is liquid as it is idealized by multiculturalism and should be appreciated. Keywords: International Event, Multidimensional Identity, Fariz’ National Costume Creation, National Identit

    Simulacra dalam Industri Hiburan Visual; Studi kasus Ragnarok Online

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    Comic is one of media that emphasize its content delivery through visual sequence. It attracts many researchers because this media is a plane based media (2D) instead of most media which delivers its content in time based media. In designing a story based on visual sequence, there are framing, imaging, wayfinding acitivities in forming a complex visual storytelling especially in comics. Especially in Japan, the development of framing, imaging, and methods of designing a sequence which makes the reader easily read the story through panels in comics are well developed and shared from comic artists toward their assistants. This method is known as graphic narrative and visual storytelling and applied not only on comics but almost on all visual entertainment media and influence each other then creates cycle of media. The cycle of media surfaces simulacra and unique hypereality phenomenon. This paper tries to depict the uniqueness of simulacra of media cycle phenomenon on Ragnarok Online case study in Indonesia which will enrich the study of visual culture

    Kitsch dalam Iklan TV Komersial dan Selera Konsumer Indonesia

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    ABSTRAKIklan TV komersial memiliki hubungan timbal balik dengan selera konsumer. Penelitian mengenai iklan TV bermuatan kitsch, yang sering dikaitkan dengan selera rendah ini, mencoba menjawab bagaimana gambaran selera masyarakat konsumer Indonesia pada tahun 2015. Metode yang digunakan adalah metode lintas disiplin dengan pendekatan Cultural studies. Penelitian ini menguraikan gambaran selera massa konsumer Indonesia sebagai dampak dari tayangan iklan TV komersial. Dengan mengambil sampel “Iklan Biji Selasih Serbuk Panas Dalam Bintang Toedjoe”, didapati bahwa iklan tersebut mengandung unsur budaya global yang bercampur (hibrid) dengan budaya lokal dan mitos populer khas Indonesia. Hasil penelitian ini juga menunjukkan bahwa selera masyarakat Indonesia, terutama kelas menengah bawah, sangat terkait dengan karakter manusia Indonesia yang memiliki naluri berkesenian yang tinggi, suka pamer, percaya tahayul, mudah dipengaruhi oleh budaya dari luar, dan bersifat hipokrit. Kata Kunci : Kitsch, Selera Konsumer, Iklan TVABSTRACTCommercial TV advertising has a considerable influence on the tastes of consumers. Research on the kitsch-laden TV ads, which are often associated with bad taste, try to answer how is the consumer tastes of the people of Indonesia in 2015. The method used is the method of cross-disciplinary approach to Cultural studies. This study provides a picture of the mass consumer tastes Indonesia as a result of commercial TV ad impressions. By taking samples of “Biji Selasih Serbuk Panas Dalam Bintang Toedjoe” " TV ad, found that the advertisement contained elements of global culture mixed (hybrid) with the local culture and popular myths typical of Indonesia. The results of this study also showed that the tastes of Indonesian people, especially the lower middle class, strongly associated with the character of Indonesian people who have a high artistic instinct, happy to show off, but easily influenced by the culture from the outside, believe in superstitious, and is hypocritical.Keywords: Kitsch, Consumer Tastes, TV a

    Visualisasi Identitas Islam Dalam Komunitas Virtual Palanta Urang Awak Minangkabau

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    Palanta Urang Awak adalah salah satu komunitas virtual etnis Minangkabau yang terbentuk di jejaring sosial Facebook. Komunitas virtual ini terbentuk sebagai ruang berkumpul dan bercakap di dunia maya, yang diperuntukan untuk memupuk persaudaraanbagi masyarakat Minangkabau di mana saja berada, Adat Basyandi Syarak, Basyandi Kitabullah atau adat yang berlandaskan agama Islam dan AlQuran ini dideklarasikan sebagai identitas etnis Minangkabau. Sebagai identitas etnis nilai-nilai Islam menjadi landasan kehidupan pribadi dan sosia