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    Finite-Temperature Mott Transition in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model

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    Mott transitions are studied in the two-dimensional Hubbard model by a non-perturbative theory of correlator projection that systematically includes spatial correlations into the dynamical mean-field approximation. Introducing a nonzero second-neighbor transfer, a first-order Mott transition appears at finite temperatures and ends at a critical point or curve.Comment: 2 pages, to appear in J. Mag. Mag. Mat. as proceedings of the International Conference on Magnetism 200

    The Development of Staging Mechanisms for the Japanese Satellite Launcher Mu-3SII

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    The staging mechanisms of the Japanese satellite launch vehicle Mu-3SII involving a unique separation and jettison mechanism for the nose fairing are described. The design requirements, the design features and the development problems are presented together with their solutions

    On Second-best Policing Effort against the Illegal Disposal of Recyclable Waste

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    In this paper, we construct a partial equilibrium model of a product that can be manufactured by using a recycled material as well as a virgin natural resource. In particular, we consider the possibility that a household may resort to the illicit disposal of its waste, such as midnight dumping, instead of discarding it properly. Our focus is on conducting a comparative static analysis on the second-best level of the governmentfs policing effort to counter illegal disposal. More specifically, we examine how the government should adjust the effort level in response to changes in the environmental damage cost of illegal disposal and exported waste.illegal waste disposal, recycling, second-best policy