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    Small Winding-Number Expansion: Vortex Solutions at Critical Coupling

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    We study an axially symmetric solution of a vortex in the Abelian-Higgs model at critical coupling in detail. Here we propose a new idea for a perturbative expansion of a solution, where the winding number of a vortex is naturally extended to be a real number and the solution is expanded with respect to it around its origin. We test this idea on three typical constants contained in the solution and confirm that this expansion works well with the help of the Pad\'e approximation. For instance, we analytically reproduce the value of the scalar charge of the vortex with an error of O(106)O(10^{-6}). This expansion is also powerful even for large winding numbers.Comment: 38 pages,48 figure

    Supergravity Tensor Calculus in 5D from 6D

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    Supergravity tensor calculus in five spacetime dimensions is derived by dimensional reduction from the d=6 superconformal tensor calculus. In particular, we obtain an off-shell hypermultiplet in 5D from the on-shell hypermultiplet in 6D. Our tensor calculus still retains the dilatation gauge symmetry so that it becomes a trivial gauge fixing to make the Einstein term canonical in a general matter-Yang-Mills-supergravity coupled system.Comment: 38 pages, no figures, LaTeX, version to appear in PTP 104(2000),835-86