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    A comparison between detrital zircon age populations of the Koegas Subgroup of the Ghaap Group and overlying Makganyene Diamictite of the Postmasburg Group, Transvaal Supergroup, Griqualand West Area

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    Abstract: The Transvaal Supergroup of southern Africa on the Kaapvaal Craton holds some of the most important geological successions in the world and has preserved exciting geological events of the late Archean to Early Paleoproterozoic (i.e. Snowball Earth- and Great Oxidation Events and the world renowened Kalahari Manganese Field). In South Africa, the supergroup is subdivided into Griqualand West- and Transvaal outcrop areas which are further subdivided into Ghaap-, Postmasburg-, Chuiniespoort- and Pretoria Groups respectively. The Makganyene Diamictite at base of the Postmasburg Group of the Transvaal Supergroup in Griqualand West overlies strata of the Koegas- and Asbesheuwels Subgroups of the Ghaap Group with a marked low-angle erosional unconformity but is in conformable contact with the overlying Ongeluk Lava. ..M.Sc. (Geology