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    Design and operation of a deployable truss structure

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    A concept for the one dimensional deployable truss structure is presented. The deployed configuration of the structure consists of the repetition of a longitudinal octahedral truss module. The principal mechanical feature of the truss is that the lateral members comprising the lateral triangular truss are telescoping beams. Contracting of the lateral members results in the deployment of the truss structure. The geometric transformation of this truss of variable geometry is presented. Both simultaneous and sequential modes of transformation are possible. The validity of the transformation applied to the deployment is verified through design of a conceptual model

    Thermodynamic Lattice Study for Preconformal Dynamics in Strongly Flavored Gauge Theory

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    By using the lattice Monte-Carlo simulation, we investigate the finite temperature (T) chiral phase transition at color SU(3) gauge theories with various species of fundamental fermions, and discuss the signal of the (pre-)conformality at large Nf (num. of flavors.) via their comparisons. As Nf increases, we observe stronger fermion screening effects which result from a larger fermion multiplicity. We investigate a finite T step-scaling associated with a uniqueness of the critical temperature (Tc) at each Nf, then the vanishing step-scaling indicates the emergence of the conformality around Nf* = 10 - 12. Further, motivated by the functional renormalization group analyses, we examine the Nf dependence of Tc, whose vanishing behavior indicates the onset of conformal window around Nf* = 9 - 10.Comment: 5 pages, 5 figures, Proceedings for Extreme QCD 201