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    Supersymmetric Adler-Bardeen anomaly in N=1 super-Yang-Mills theories

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    We provide a study of the supersymmetric Adler--Bardeen anomaly in the N=1,d=4,6,10\N=1, d=4,6,10 super-Yang--Mills theories. We work in the component formalism that includes shadow fields, for which Slavnov--Taylor identities can be independently set for both gauge invariance and supersymmetry. We find a method with improved descent equations for getting the solutions of the consistency conditions of both Slavnov--Taylor identities and finding the local field polynomials for the standard Adler--Bardeen anomaly and its supersymmetric counterpart. We give the explicit solution for the ten-dimensional case.Comment: 9 pages ; references adde

    Encoding models for scholarly literature

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    We examine the issue of digital formats for document encoding, archiving and publishing, through the specific example of "born-digital" scholarly journal articles. We will begin by looking at the traditional workflow of journal editing and publication, and how these practices have made the transition into the online domain. We will examine the range of different file formats in which electronic articles are currently stored and published. We will argue strongly that, despite the prevalence of binary and proprietary formats such as PDF and MS Word, XML is a far superior encoding choice for journal articles. Next, we look at the range of XML document structures (DTDs, Schemas) which are in common use for encoding journal articles, and consider some of their strengths and weaknesses. We will suggest that, despite the existence of specialized schemas intended specifically for journal articles (such as NLM), and more broadly-used publication-oriented schemas such as DocBook, there are strong arguments in favour of developing a subset or customization of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) schema for the purpose of journal-article encoding; TEI is already in use in a number of journal publication projects, and the scale and precision of the TEI tagset makes it particularly appropriate for encoding scholarly articles. We will outline the document structure of a TEI-encoded journal article, and look in detail at suggested markup patterns for specific features of journal articles

    On mean-convex Alexandrov embedded surfaces in the 3-sphere

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    We consider mean-convex Alexandrov embedded surfaces in the round unit 3-sphere, and show under which conditions it is possible to continuously deform these preserving mean-convex Alexandrov embeddedness.Comment: arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1309.427

    Weak transition matrix elements from finite-volume correlation functions

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    The two-body decay rate of a weakly decaying particle (such as the kaon) is shown to be proportional to the square of a well-defined transition matrix element in finite volume. Contrary to the physical amplitude, the latter can be extracted from finite-volume correlation functions in euclidean space without analytic continuation. The K -> pi pi transitions and other non-leptonic decays thus become accessible to established numerical techniques in lattice QCD.Comment: Plain TeX source, 19 pages, figures include
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