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    Dimensional crossover of the fundamental-measure functional for parallel hard cubes

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    We present a regularization of the recently proposed fundamental-measure functional for a mixture of parallel hard cubes. The regularized functional is shown to have right dimensional crossovers to any smaller dimension, thus allowing to use it to study highly inhomogeneous phases (such as the solid phase). Furthermore, it is shown how the functional of the slightly more general model of parallel hard parallelepipeds can be obtained using the zero-dimensional functional as a generating functional. The multicomponent version of the latter system is also given, and it is suggested how to reformulate it as a restricted-orientation model for liquid crystals. Finally, the method is further extended to build a functional for a mixture of parallel hard cylinders.Comment: 4 pages, no figures, uses revtex style files and multicol.sty, for a PostScript version see http://dulcinea.uc3m.es/users/cuesta/cross.p

    A numerical study of separation on a spheroid at incidence

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    The three-dimensional incompressible, steady and laminar flow field around a prolate spheroid at incidence is considered. The parabolized Navier-Stokes equations are solved numerically. The method can handle vortex types as well as bubble type flow separation because the pressure is one of the dependent variables. Here, the distribution of the skin friction is reported for two test cases. The first test case is a prolate spheroid of aspect ratio of 4:1 at 6 degrees incidence and Reynolds number of 1 million (based on half the major axis). The second case is a spheroid with a 6:1 aspect ratio at 10 degrees incidence and Reynolds number of 0.8 x 1 million. The properties of the flow field near the body are discussed on the basis of the pattern of the skin friction lines, and the shape of the separation lines. Favorable agreement with experimental results is obtained

    Connectivity and genus in three dimensions

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    Algorithms for labeling, counting, and computing connected objects in binary three dimensional arra

    Rubidium superoxide: a p-electron Mott insulator

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    Rubidium superoxide, RbO_2, is a rare example of a solid with partially-filled electronic p states, which allows to study the interplay of spin and orbital order and other effects of strong electronic correlations in a material that is quite different from the conventional d or f electron systems. Here we show, using a combination of density functional theory (DFT) and dynamical mean-field theory, that at room temperature RbO_2 is indeed a paramagnetic Mott insulator. We construct the metal-insulator phase diagram as a function of temperature and Hubbard interaction parameters U and J. Due to the strong particle-hole asymmetry of the RbO_2 band-structure, we find strong differences compared to a simple semi-elliptical density of states, which is often used to study the multiband Hubbard model. In agreement with our previous DFT study, we also find indications for complex spin and orbital order at low temperatures.Comment: 6 pages, 8 figure

    The Red Bandanna!

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    Pattern recognition. v- samp - a computer program for estimating surface area from contour maps

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    Fortran computer program for computing linear approximation of surface area for any given portion of digitized contour ma

    Suppressing Unwanted Autobiographical Memories Reduces Their Automatic Influences: Evidence from Electrophysiology and an Implicit Autobiographical Memory Test

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    The present study investigated the extent to which people can suppress unwanted autobiographical memories in a mock crime memory detection context. Participants encoded sensorimotor-rich memories by enacting a lab crime (stealing a ring) and received direct suppression instructions so as to evade guilt detection in a brainwave-based concealed information test. Aftereffects of suppression on automatic memory processes were measured in an autobiographical implicit association test (aIAT). Results showed that suppression attenuated brainwave activity (P300) that is associated with crime-relevant memory retrieval, rendering innocent and guilty/suppression participants indistinguishable. However, guilty/suppression and innocent participants could nevertheless be discriminated via the late posterior negative slow wave, which may reflect the need to monitor response conflict arising between voluntary suppression and automatic recognition processes. Lastly, extending recent findings that suppression can impair implicit memory processes; we provide novel evidence that suppression reduces automatic cognitive biases that are otherwise associated with actual autobiographical memories
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