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    Serum Lipids and Statin Treatment During Acute Stroke

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    An evaluative study of the reading programs in selected elementary schools in North and South Dakota

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    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reading programs in the selected elementary schools in North and South Dakota. Considered were three important factors of a reading program: the organizational plan, the materials, and the preparation of teachers. The specific objective of this study was to answer the following questions about reading programs; (1) What is the teacher background in preparation for the teaching of reading? (2) What is the type of reading program in the school? (3) What is the organizational plan within each classroom? (4) What is the time allotment for the teaching of reading? (5) What materials are being used for reading instruction? (6) What is the greatest need of teachers in teaching reading? (7) What type of in-service aid is provided for teachers? (8) What are the attitudes of the teachers in regard to the teaching of reading

    Educational tourism: the influence of the Erasmus Programme in Lisbon on students` perceptions to work abroad

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    This thesis studies the perceptions of incoming Erasmus students to Portugal regarding their decisions to work abroad in the future, and more specifically in that country. With an onlinesurvey and by interviewing former exchange students, their motivations, experiences and implications for future work decisions, taking into consideration their stay in Portugal, were studied. The results suggest that the Erasmus programme positively contributes to students` decisions to work abroad in the future. Nevertheless, coming back to Portugal is no feasible option for this group. The positive cultural circumstances are given but structural changes must be undertaken to make Portugal a more attractive country for employment

    The Milstein scheme for singular SDEs with Hölder continuous drift

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    We study the Lp rate of convergence of the Milstein scheme for SDEs when the drift coefficients possess only Hölder regularity. If the diffusion is elliptic and sufficiently regular, we obtain rates consistent with the additive case. The proof relies on regularisation by noise techniques, particularly stochastic sewing, which in turn requires (at least asymptotically) sharp estimates on the law of the Milstein scheme, which may be of independent interest

    Lamotrigine and catamenial epilepsy

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    SummaryCatamenial epilepsy (CE) is characterized by epileptic seizures in the female occurring rhythmatically with the menstrual cycle. Hormonal mechanisms have been proposed as a cause of this epileptic form. Few reports about the efficacy of anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) have been published. We studied prospectively women with CE who were treated with lamotrigine (LTG) for a period of 3 months in order to evaluate its efficacy, measuring the progesterone levels before and after LTG at the same time. LTG seemed to be efficacious in 66% of women, meaning the disappearance of seizures or reduction of 50% or more of the number of seizures. The reported side effects were few and mild, and the drug was well tolerated. Serum progesterone levels were found to rise during LTG treatment


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    In Unternehmen der so genannten Mill-Industrien werden sowohl SAP®-Systeme als auch Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) eingesetzt. Beim Versuch, die Systeme miteinander zu verbinden, sahen sich die Unternehmen in aller Regel mit großen Herausforderungen konfrontiert. Dieses Dokument fasst die derzeit in der Praxis eingesetzten Integrationsverfahren zusammen und beinhaltet darüber hinaus Empfehlungen für zukünftige Lösungsansätze
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