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    This paper discusses the solution of an inverse heat conduction problem of one dimensional temperature distribution and stress field for a solid sphere. The sphere is subjected to arbitrary temperature within it under unsteady state condition. Initially the sphere is maintained at constant temperature. The governing heat conduction equation has been solved by the integral transform technique. The temperature distribution,unknown temperature and thermal stresses are obtained in the form of trigonometric function. The numerical example is presented for Titanium alloy to discuss the results

    Brief note on heat flow with arbitrary heating rates in a hollow cylinder

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    Generalized thermoelastic diffusion in a thick circular plate including heat source

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    The present paper is aimed at studying thermoelastic diffusion interactions in a thick circular plate of infinite extent and finite thickness subjected to an axisymmetric heat supply and a heat source in the context of Lord–Shulman theory of generalized thermoelastic diffusion. The upper and the lower surfaces of the thick plate are traction free and the chemical potential is assumed to be a known function of time. Integral transform techniques are used to find the analytic solution in the transform domain. Mathematical model is prepared for Copper material plate and the numerical results are discussed and illustrated graphically

    Pre-treatment of Coal Samples prior to Equilibration for Moisture Determination

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    The necessity for pre-treatment of coal samples prior to equilibration for moisture determination, at 60 per cent. Relative humidity at 40ÂșC, has been clearly established. If pre-treatment is avoided, the moisture percentages may sometimes be vitiated substantially. Even under extreme conditions of shock drying, pre-treatment maintains its validity in restoring the original desorption path and the moisture values obtained are invariably in line with those expected on fresh coal samples. Since the moisture at 60 per cent. Relative humidity at 40ÂșC constitutes one of the parameters in rank-classification as also for price-fixation of coals for commercial purposes, the role of pre-treatment in obtaining consistent and reliable moisture values is significant on academic as well as as practical considerations