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    Treatment of post partum anestrous in Osmanabadi Goats with Janova

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    The present study was conducted in a flock of Osmanabadi Goats reported with the history of post-partum anestrous. The experimental goats were selected from Goat farm unit, College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Udgir, Maharashtra, India. A total of 20 Osmanabadi Goats were divided into two equal groups (I & II), (n=10). Group-I served as untreated control group. Group II were administered orally with caplet Janova@2 cap/day/goat for three days. The efficacy of treatment in group II was 80 percent (%) induction of oestrus within 96.37 ? 1.40 hrs and 62.50 % conceived with 1.8 services per conception whereas in control group I 30% oestrus was observed within 185.5 ? 10.89 hrs and 33.33 % conceived with 3.00 services per conception. It may be concluded that administration of polyherbal formulation Janova has lead to induction of fertile post partum oestrus and higher conception rate in Osmanabadi goats. [Vet. World 2010; 3(6.000): 293-294