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    Robust Logic Gates and Realistic Quantum Computation

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    The composite rotation approach has been used to develop a range of robust quantum logic gates, including single qubit gates and two qubit gates, which are resistant to systematic errors in their implementation. Single qubit gates based on the BB1 family of composite rotations have been experimentally demonstrated in a variety of systems, but little study has been made of their application in extended computations, and there has been no experimental study of the corresponding robust two qubit gates to date. Here we describe an application of robust gates to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) studies of approximate quantum counting. We find that the BB1 family of robust gates is indeed useful, but that the related NB1, PB1, B4 and P4 families of tailored logic gates are less useful than initially expected.Comment: 6 pages RevTex4 including 5 figures (3 low quality to save space). Revised at request of referee and incorporting minor corrections and updates. Now in press at Phys Rev

    Properties of an ionization spectrometer exposed to 10, 20.5, and 28 GeV/c machine accelerated protons

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    Properties of ionization spectrometer exposed to 10, 20.5, and 28 GeV/c synchrotron accelerated proton