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    Computer code for single-point thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen/oxygen expander-cycle rocket engines

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    This analysis and this computer code apply to full, split, and dual expander cycles. Heat regeneration from the turbine exhaust to the pump exhaust is allowed. The combustion process is modeled as one of chemical equilibrium in an infinite-area or a finite-area combustor. Gas composition in the nozzle may be either equilibrium or frozen during expansion. This report, which serves as a users guide for the computer code, describes the system, the analysis methodology, and the program input and output. Sample calculations are included to show effects of key variables such as nozzle area ratio and oxidizer-to-fuel mass ratio

    The Kentucky Tradition in Landscape Painting to World War I

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    Gendered Paths to Formal and Informal Resources in Post-Disaster Development in the Ecuadorian Andes

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    The devastating eruptions of Mount Tungurahua in the Ecuadorian highlands in 1999 and 2006 left many communities struggling to rebuild their homes and others permanently displaced to settlements built by state and nongovernmental organizations. For several years afterward, households diversified their economic strategies to compensate for losses, communities organized to promote local development, and the state and nongovernmental organizations sponsored many economic recovery programs in the affected communities. Our study examined the ways in which gender and gender roles were associated with different levels and paths of access to scarce resources in these communities. Specifically, this article contrasts the experiences of men and women in accessing household necessities and project assistance through formal institutions and informal networks. We found that women and men used different types of informal social support networks, with men receiving significantly more material, emotional, and informational support than women. We also found that men and women experienced different challenges and advantages when pursuing support through local and extralocal institutions and that these institutions often coordinated in ways that reified their biases. We present a methodology that is replicable in a wide variety of disaster, resettlement, and development settings, and we advocate an inductive, evidence-based approach to policy, built upon an understanding of local gender, class, and ethnic dynamics affecting access to formal and informal resources. This evidence should be used to build more robust local institutions that can resist wider social and cultural pressures for male dominance and gendered exclusion

    Construction and application of a four-year course for non-academically minded pupils of Walpole High School

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston University, 1938. This item was digitized by the Internet Archive

    The effect of hygromycin B as a growth stimulant and as an anthelmintic for swine

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    Internal parasites are one of the major concerns in the production of swine today. The United States Department of Agriculture (1954) estimated that the annual loss to the swine industry from internal parasites was 276,726,000.Thesedollarlossesrepresentanamountequalto276,726,000. These dollar losses represent an amount equal to 3.00 per pig on each farm. Several anthelmintics have been used by swine growers. The most widely used anthelmintic has been sodium fluoride which is administered to the swine in a special mixture of feed. Also, piperazine has been used in a mixture of feed or by mixing with drinking water. Phenothiazine is sometimes used and administered to the swine in capsules. Another compound that is used is wormseed oil (oil of chenopodium), which is given to swine in liquid doses. All of these anthelmintics with the exception of piperazine and phenothiazine act only on the intestinal roundworm or ascarid. Piperazine and phenothiazine act on ascarids and nodular worms. Recently hygromycin B, a new antibiotic, has been placed on the market. This antibiotic has been reported to act as an anthelmintic for swine and to control ascarids, nodular worms and whipworms. This antibiotic also has been reported to stimulate growth in swine. In the South, and particularly in Tennessee, most swine are fed to market weight with a supplement and corn free choice. This experiment was conducted to evaluate hygromycin B as an anthelmintic and as a growth stimulant for swine when fed with a supplement and corn fed free choice

    Accounting for Liberty Loan Subscriptions

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    Louisiana\u27s human resources. Part II, Agribusiness and the labor force

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