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    BPS domain walls from backreacted orientifolds

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    Compactifications with D-brane and orientifold sources lead to standard gauged supergravity theories if the sources are smeared over the internal directions. It is therefore of interest to find how the solutions described by the gauged supergravity are altered by properly localising the sources. In this paper we analyse this for BPS domain wall solutions in the seven-dimensional gauged supergravity obtained from an O6 toroidal orientifold compactification in massive IIA supergravity. This is one of the simplest no-scale supergravities that can be constructed and analysed in full detail. We find and discuss the BPS domain walls both when the O6 planes are smeared and localised. When the O6 planes are localised the domain wall solutions live in a warped compactification. In order to get explicit expressions we also consider the non-compact versions of the solutions for which the O6 planes have been traded for D6 branes. Through T-duality we obtain partially localised solutions for compactifications to four dimensions using O3 planes with 3-form fluxes.Comment: 23 pages, 1 figur

    Dilatonic Randall-Sundrum Theory and renormalisation group

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    We extend Randall-Sundrum dynamics to non-conformal metrics corresponding to non-constant dilaton. We study the appareance of space-time naked singularities and the renormalization group evolution of four-dimensional Newton constant.Comment: 11 pages, 3 figures, reference added, typos correcte

    Brane World with Bulk Horizons

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    A brane world in the presence of a bulk black hole is constructed. The brane tension is fine tuned in terms of the black hole mass and cosmological constant. Gravitational perturbations localized on the brane world are discussed.Comment: 7 pages, 2 figures. Typos corrected and new references adde

    Dualities of strings and branes

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