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    Hand-book on Indian Sea-Cucumbers

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    The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has been carrying out research on sea-cucumbers for the past 30 years on various aspects such as taxonomy, biology, ecology, zoogeography, toxicology, breeding and seed production in hatchery and culture. Unfortunately upto the present time there is no Hand-book on Indian Sea-cucumbers which is very much wanted by persons who are involved in the collection, processing and export, to identify commercially important species. Particularly when an unfamiliar species is collected they are at a loss to know whether it can be processed, if so what is the processing method. Different species of sea-cucumbers have to be processed in different ways. The local people are ignorant of the correct processing methods for various species

    Responsible Fisheries : Key to Conservation, Management and Development of Fisheries in India

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    Sixty years of intense exploitation of fisheries resources on an open access system, concommitant technological improvements and modernisation of fishing craft and gear through scientific innovations linked with demand for export and domestic consumption created a plateau in overall fish production from the wild