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    None of Our Business: Examining the Economics and Business Dynamics of the Library and Information Industry

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    Librarians are often referred to as information professionals and talk of the information industry, but how much do we actually know about the business side of publishing and library vendors? As vendors and publishers continue to consolidate, and costs increase for libraries and our communities, the business side of libraries deserves greater scrutiny from the library community which often shies away from critically examining our role in the greater information industry. Building our awareness and engaging in critical discourse of the library industry is essential for securing our bargaining power, navigating our role as stewards of our collections, and situating our profession in relationship to broader economic forces within the information business

    Data of bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis on mixed metal phthalocyanine-modified carbon nanotubes prepared via pyrolysis

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    This dataset contains the data presented in the figures of the published paper "Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysis on Mixed Metal Phthalocyanine-Modified Carbon Nanotubes Prepared via Pyrolysis" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 35, 41507–41516 (https://doi.org/10.1021/acsami.1c06737

    Relationships of young adults with foster care backgrounds : tensions and management strategies

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    The present study focuses on experiences of relational tensions and management strategies in family relationships among 18 young adults with foster care backgrounds who participated in interviews. In the analysis drawing from relational dialectics, three main tensions were revealed in the participants' relationships with birth and foster family members or in their romantic relationships: the dialectics of emotional distance‐closeness, integration‐separation and sameness‐otherness. In addition, the tension of the childhood dialectic of responsibility was identified in this study. The tensions were managed utilizing eight strategies. The findings highlight the importance of giving a voice to young adults who have experienced the complex web of relationships in at least two families and of sensitizing both birth and foster parents and other adults working with foster children and youth to these tensions in relationships.peerReviewe

    Problematic mukbang watching and its relationship to disordered eating and internet addiction: a pilot study among emerging adult mukbang watchers

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    Internet technology has facilitated the use of a wide variety of different activities and applications in online contexts. One such activity is watching mukbang (i.e., watching videos of “eating broadcasts” where someone eats a large amount of food while interacting with viewers). In the present study, the relationship of problematic mukbang watching with disordered eating and internet addiction was examined. Participants were 140 emerging adults who watched mukbang at least once in the past 30 days (66% female; Mage = 21.66, SD = 1.88, range = 19–29 years). Structural equation modeling indicated that problematic mukbang watching was positively associated with both disordered eating and internet addiction. The present study is the first to explore the predictive role of problematic mukbang watching on adverse consequences, and suggests that mukbang watching may be problematic for a minority of emerging adults and that problematic mukbang watching warrants further examination of its impact on mental health and wellbeing

    Microfluidic lumen-based systems for advancing tubular organ modeling

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