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    COVID-19 Projections

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    Overzicht van overheidsmaatregelen en projecties van COVID-19 doden en ziekenhuisgebruik voor Nederland en andere landen

    Introduction to Spatiotemporal Variations of Ambient Air Pollutants and Related Public Health Impacts

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    This introductory chapter first provides an overview of spatiotemporal variations of various ambient air pollutants and broad impacts of these variations on regional and global public health. Main components of ambient air pollution and their specific roles on respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and other relatively unknown health hazards are discussed. Next, the chapter presents challenges in epidemiological study designs and risk assessment for understanding air pollution-induced adverse health impacts. Some potential exposure measurement errors and confounding factors are discussed with an emphasis on the problems in large-scale cohort studies. Finally, the significance of air monitoring networks and models for prediction of ambient air pollutants and major recent findings on GIS applications for understanding public health impacts of air pollutants are presented

    Riesgo cardiovascular en estudiantes de medicina del municipio Puerto Padre de Las Tunas

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    Introduction: cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in Cuba; as a result, the identification of cardiovascular risks from early ages allows the implementation of health promotion and prevention strategies to reduce their impact in the futureObjective: to identify the cardiovascular risk in medical students in Puerto Padre Municipality, Las Tunas province.Methods: an observational, descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted. The target group included 545 medical students, 237 of whom were selected by means of a simple random sample. The body mass index and waist-hip ratio were studied. Descriptive statistics was applied.Results: the predominant age group was 18-21 years old (50,2 %). The 51,47 % of the students presented a high waist-hip ratio, 54,02 % a high abdominal circumference, 52,74 % a high body mass index, and in all groups 35,44 % presented blood pressure figures lower than 120/80 mmHg; 39 % had a cardiovascular risk.Conclusions: low percentages of cardiovascular risk were identified in medical students from Puerto Padre Municipality, Las Tunas province, determined by high values of waist-hip index, body mass index and abdominal circumference.Introducción: las enfermedades cardiovasculares constituyen la primera causa de mortalidad en Cuba; por lo cual la identificación de riesgos cardiovasculares desde edades tempranas permite implementar estrategias de promoción y prevención de salud para disminuir su impacto en el futuroObjetivo: identificar el riesgo cardiovascular en estudiantes de medicina del municipio Puerto Padre de Las Tunas.Método: se realizó un estudio observacional, descriptivo y transversal. El universo estuvo constituido por 545 estudiantes de medicina, seleccionándose 237 mediante un muestreo aleatorio simple. Se estudió el índice de masa corporal, la circunferencia abdominal y la índice cintura cadera. Se empleó estadística descriptiva.Resultados: se encontró predominio del grupo etario de 18 a 21 años (50,2 %). El 51,47 % de los estudiantes presentó un índice cintura-cadera alto, el 54,02 % una circunferencia abdominal alta, el 52,74 % un índice de masa corporal alta, así como en todos los grupos el 35,44 % presentó cifras de tensión arterial inferiores a 120/80 mmHg. El 39 % presentó riesgo cardiovascular.Conclusiones: se identificaron bajos porcientos de riesgo cardiovascular en los estudiantes de medicina del municipio Puerto Padre de Las Tunas, determinado por altos valores los índice cintura-cadera, índice de masa corporal y circunferencia abdominal

    Advancing alternative health care financing through effective community partnership: A necessity for universal health coverage in Nigeria

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    This paper sought to advance alternative health care financing for the attainment of universal health coverage (UHC) in Nigeria considering widening inequality, dwindling government spending, and non-inclusive health insurance scheme in the country. It adopted narrative review of existing literature, authors’ experiences and observations of health care financing system to develop an overview of health care financing system in Nigeria. The results showed that Nigeria has a long way to go in attaining universal health coverage considering her high burden of disease and low health care expenditure, especially in comparison with Africa and the globe. The results further showed that out-of-pocket spending dominates health care expenditure in Nigeria and that the only way to curb heavy reliance on unsustainable and inequitable health care financing is to encourage risk-pooling of resources. This paper therefore argues that alternative health care financing through effective community partnership is a necessity to achieving health for all. This understanding could inform health policies by annexing necessary connections with the promise of extending primary health care to all, especially the vulnerable groups, in a rapidly changing but highly unequal society

    Production Trends, Collaboration, and Main Topics of the Integrative and Complementary Oncology Research Area: A Bibliometric Analysis

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    Background: The prevalence of cancer has increased over time worldwide. Nevertheless, the number of deaths has been reduced during the past 2 decades. Thus, one-third of the cancer patients are users of complementary and alternative therapies, looking for other types of interventions. The main aim of the present study is to understand the current status of the research in integrative and complementary oncology. Three different aspects were analyzed: production trends, country collaboration, and leading research topics. Methods: The dataset was obtained from the documents indexed under the Integrative and Complementary Medicine category of the Web of Science database from 1976 to 2017. VOSviewer and SciMAT software were employed to perform the bibliometric analysis. Results: The Journal of Ethnopharmacology, China Medical University and the People’s Republic of China are the leading producers in the field. Regarding the collaboration, the United States and China present a close connection. The scientific community is focused on the following topics: apoptosis, breast cancer, oxidative stress, chemotherapy, and nuclear factor-Kappa-B (NF-Kappa-B). Conclusions: The present article shows potentially important information that allows understanding of the past, present, and future of research in integrative and complementary oncology. It is a useful evidence-based framework on which to base future research actions and academic directions
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