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    Competitiveness of Indonesian Pepper in the International Market

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    Pepper productivity fluctuates and is also low at 0.46 tons/ha. The export volume and export value of Indonesian Pepper in the International Market are declining. In addition, there is intense competition among pepper exporting countries in the world. The objectives of this study are: to analyze the comparative advantage and competitive advantage of Indonesian Pepper in the International Market over a thirty-year time period from 1993 - 2022. As well as knowing the right policy implications based on pepper export problems in the International Market. The method used in the analysis of comparative advantage is Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) while in the analysis of competitive advantage using the Export Competitiveness Index (ECI). The type of pepper used in this study is dried or crushed or ground pepper seeds, with HS code 0904. The results of this study are that Indonesian Pepper is strongly competitive in terms of pepper exports in the International Market. Evidenced by the results of the RCA value of 9.55 or more than 1. So that Indonesia excels in terms of pepper exports in the International Market. Indonesia's RCA results are lower than India. However, it is higher than China. Whereas in the ECI results, Indonesia is competitively competitive. Evidenced by the results of the ECI value of 1.01 or more than 1. Policy implications in pepper exports are increased production, improved upstream and downstream processing, expansion of market share, and government support and policies. Improved production is expected to increase the volume of pepper exports

    Penguatan Manajemen Produksi dengan Penerapan Konsep 3R (Recycle, Reduce and Reuse) pada Agroindustri Makanan Ringan di Kelurahan Lubuk Minturun, Kota Padang

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    Snack food agro-industry is a potential agribusiness to be developed. Agro-industrial activities produce fresh waste that has yet to be utilized. This waste is in the form of organic solid and liquid waste. Waste left or disposed of will result in pollution. The solution to solve these problems is that waste can be recycled, reduced, and reused, named the 3R concept. This community activity involved advanced service methods, including education and demonstrations to apply the 3R concept for waste—further, the activity team also handovers decomposers and some useful equipment’s for making compost. About ten snack agro-industries attended this service activity. The extension service has provided an understanding to the snack agro-industry regarding implementing 3R and alternatives to reduce the amount of their fresh waste. Demonstrations were related to recycling solid waste into compost and assembling filtering equipment to purify liquid waste. This agro-industry counselling needs to be sustained to consistently apply the 3R concept in the production activities carried out

    Determinan harga saham perbankan di LQ45

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    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis pengaruh Return On Equity, Earning Per Share, Debt to Equity Ratio dan Nilai Tukar terhadap Harga Saham. Sampel penelitian ini adalah 5 Perusahaan Perbankan dari Perusahaan di LQ 45. Metode yang digunakan adalah metode kuantitaif. Teknik analisis yang digunakan adalah analisis regresi linier berganda dengan menggunakan dan Eviews 10. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa secara parsial variabel Return On Equity (X1) berpengaruh terhadap harga saham (Y). Hal ini ditunjukkan dengan thitung ttabel yakni -2.719211 t tabel 1.69552, Earning Per Share(X2) berpengaruh terhadap Harga Saham (Y). Hal ini ditunjukkan dengan thitung ttabel yakni 4.840978 1.69552 dan nilai signifikan regresi sebesar 0,000 0,050. Debt to Equity Ratio (X3) tidak berpengaruh terhadap Harga Saham(Y). Hal ini ditunjukkan dengan thitung ttabel yakni 0.048481 1.69552 dan nilai signifikan regresi sebesar 0.9617 0,050. Nilai Tukar (X4) tidak berpengaruh terhadap Harga Saham(Y). Hal ini ditunjukkan dengan thitung ttabel yakni -0.374520 1.69552 dan nilai signifikan regresi sebesar 0.7107 0,050. Dan secara simultan variabel (X1), (X2), (X3) dan (X4) berpengaruh secara positif terhadap Harga Saham(Y) yakni Fhitung Ftabel sebesar 0.0010565 2,68

    Strategi Peningkatan Usaha dan Industri Rumah Tangga Melalui Program Branding di Desa Penghidupan

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    Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KUKERTA) is a form of community service in carrying out the Tri Darma of Higher Education. Students contribute and apply the knowledge and technology gained in college directly. The implementation of KUKERTA lasted for 40 days and took place in the Desa Penghidupan, Kecamatan Kampar Kiri Tengaht. This service aims to build village potential by managing existing resources to create a self-sufficient village. The Riau University’s Desa Penghidupan KUKERTA group carries out branding activities for businesses and home industries using data collection techniques, namely interviews, observation, documentation and focused discussions (Focus Group Discussion)

    Pengaruh Kecerasan Emosional, Keharmonisan, Keluarga dan Kualitas Lingkungan Kerja Terhadap Stres Kerja pada Karyawan SMA Batik Surakarta

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    Stres kerja berpengaruh besar dalam kelancaran untuk mencapai tujuan karyawan, ketika karyawan mengalami stres maka akan membuat karyawan berpikir negatif dan mengganggu karyawan saat berlangsungnya proses bekerja. Penelitian ini mencoba meneliti korelasi kecerdasan emosional, keharmonisan keluarga, dan kualitas lingkungan kerja dengan stres kerja pada karyawan sma batik surakarta. Sampel yang digunakan yaitu 131 karyawan SMA Batik Surakarta. Menggunakan metode kuantitatif dengan bantuan SPSS, di dapatkan hasil penelitian yaitu kecerdasan emosional berpengaruh terhadap stres kerja, namun keharmonisan keluarga dan kualitas lingkungan kerja tidak berpengaruh terhadap stres kerja. Namun begitu, kecerdasan emosional, keharmonisan keluarga, dan kualitas lingkungan kerja bersama-sama berpengaruh terhadap stres kerja

    Penerapan Membran Selulosa Asetat Nata De Coco untuk Pengolahan Air Sungai Borang Secara Ultrafiltrasi

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    Pengolahan air sungai borang yang telah dilakukan selama ini masih menggunakan metode konvensional, dimana masih tingginya hasil kandungan parameter. Penelitian ini bertujuan menerapkan membran selulosa asetat ultrafiltrasi untuk pengolahan air sungai borang menjadi air bersih. Dalam penelitian ini, digunakan air sungai borang dengan variasi koagulan 100; 150; 200; 250 dan 300 ppm. Tekanan operasi akan diatur dengan variasi 0,3; 0,6 ; 0,9 ; 1,2 ; dan 1,5 bar. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan nilai fluks sebesar 12,238-18,128 liter/m2.jam. Dari 5 parameter pengukuran yang dilakukan kondisi operasi optimum rejeksi pada variasi tekanan 0,3 bar - 1,5 bar yaitu terdapat pada tekanan 0,3 bar dengan koagulan PAC 250 ppm yang diperoleh % rejeksi pH 14,36 %, rejeksi TDS 10,06 %, rejeksi COD 32,01 %, rejeksi BOD 13,29 % dan rejeksi warna 12,32 %. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa fluks dan pengolahan air sungai dengan menggunakan membran selulosa asetat menghasilkan air bersih yang telah memenuhi persyaratan standar mutu dan diizinkan oleh Peraturan Menteri Kesehatan No 2 Tahun 2023

    Impact Of Pandemic Covid 19 On Obesity in Adolescent: A Review Article

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed human life, including health-related lifestyles. This literature review aims to analyse the incidence of obesity in adolescents during the Covid 19 pandemic. This study used the article analysis method to obtain an overview of the incidence of obesity in adolescents during the Covid 19 pandemic. Of the ten articles that met the criteria for our analysis, we found that influencing obesity during the Covid 19 period is the problem of lack of activity, increasing sedentary lifestyle, high excessive calorie intake, and the emergence of anxiety factors. Therefore, in dealing with the problem of obesity in adolescents during the COVID-19 period, they are more likely to pay attention to shifting lifestyle conditions and mental health awareness in handling it

    Menilai Tingkat Kesehatan Bank dengan Analisis Metode Risk Profile, Good Corporate Governance, Earnings, Capital pada pada Bank Syariah di Indonesia

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    In the banking world of soundness, banks are very important for the formation of trust. Trust and loyalty to banks is a very helpful factor and makes it easier for bank management to develop good business strategies. Bank Soundness Levels are results issued by banks which are carried out on bank risk and performance (Bank Indonesia Regulation Number: 13/1 / PBI / 2011). If more than conventional banking with Islamic banking, conventional banking finance is better than Islamic banking. This is blessed with poor sharia banking (corporate governance) management. In order to be able to carry out its functions properly, banks must have sufficient capital, ensure the quality of their assets properly, be well managed and managed based on the principle of prudence, generate sufficient profits to maintain an increase, and support liquidity so that it can be adjusted to their needs. Therefore banks are required to be able to achieve and maintain a good and optimal level of performance, because the level of bank performance can increase the level of trust and loyalty needed by the wider community to use the products, services and financial activities of the bank. The purpose of this study is for advanced financial research with analysis of Risk Profiles (Risk Profiles), Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Profitability (Income), and Capital (Capital) which is hereinafter abbreviated as RGEC with the final aim of research for the needs of Sharia banking management in accordance with the latest Bank Indonesia and OJK regulations. This type of research uses descriptive research proposed in the RGEC analysis (Risk Profile, Good Corporate Governance, Income, and Capital) at Islamic Banks in Indonesia. from 2013 to 201


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    DN Tofu Factory is a food industry for tofu products. The company’s main problem is a defect product in October-December 2021 with an average of 7.01%. The purpose of research was to reduce the failure of production in use of the methods of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA). The result of DPMO (Defect per Million Opportunities) calculation is 17500 with a sigma level of 3.6084. Based on the FMEA calculations, two potential causes of failure from the highest perceived value of the RPN (Risk Priority Number), namely that workers do not use the full clothing attributes during the production process with an RPN value of 294 and workers did not pay attention to pressing time with an RPN value of 252. FTA analysis results shows two basic causes of problem, namely workers do not use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with a probability of 0.24 and that no tools are available to measure standard time with a probability of 0.2. The proposed improvements implemented by observing the GMP aspect (Good Manufacturing Practice) are to use digital timer, make a tool cleaning form, and make hand-washing posters, smoke free, a restriction on eating and drinking. There is a descrease in the value of DPMO to 16500 with sigma level of 3.6321 after implementation. Keywords: failure mode and effect analysis, fault tree analysis, good manufacturing practice, tofu factor
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