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    Impression evaluation of a robot

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    This study aimed to investigate the impression evaluation of a new type of robot. We have conducted two experiments, Experiment 1 and Experiment 2, and uploaded the raw data of each experimental result. A research article on the details of the experiment is currently being submitted to a journal.DataExperiment 1: Experiment_1_raw.xlsxExperiment 2: Experiment_2_raw.xlsx</p

    DataSheet1_Sound masking by a low-pitch speech-shaped noise improves a social robot’s talk in noisy environments.pdf

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    Introduction: There has been a surge in the use of social robots for providing information, persuasion, and entertainment in noisy public spaces in recent years. Considering the well-documented negative effect of noise on human cognition, masking sounds have been introduced. Masking sounds work, in principle, by making the intrusive background speeches less intelligible, and hence, less distracting. However, this reduced distraction comes with the cost of increasing annoyance and reduced cognitive performance in the users of masking sounds.Methods: In a previous study, it was shown that reducing the fundamental frequency of the speech-shaped noise as a masking sound significantly contributes to its being less annoying and more efficient. In this study, the effectiveness of the proposed masking sound was tested on the performance of subjects listening to a lecture given by a social robot in a noisy cocktail party environment.Results: The results indicate that the presence of the masking sound significantly increased speech comprehension, perceived understandability, acoustic satisfaction, and sound privacy of the individuals listening to the robot in an adverse listening condition.Discussion: To the knowledge of the authors, no previous work has investigated the application of sound masking technology in human-robot interaction designs. The future directions of this trend are discussed.</p

    Additional file 3 of Impact of respiratory bacterial infections on mortality in Japanese patients with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study

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    Additional file 3. Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratioas a predictor of co-infection in steroid and non-steroid user

    Novel moduli space in modular flavor models : a case study for modular T′T' seesaw model with hidden SU(2)SU(2) gauge symmetry

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    We study flavor phenomenologies in a basis of a double covering of modular A4A_4 group with a hidden SU(2)SU(2) symmetry, in which we work on regions at nearby two fixed points and three special points. These special points of SL(2,Z)SL(2,\mathbb{Z}) moduli space are statistically favored in flux compactifications of Type IIB string theory. Neutrino masses are approximately obtained by using the seesaw mechanism due to our two additional symmetries. We perform chi square numerical analysis for each of the fixed/special points in the normal and inverted hierarchies and demonstrate predictions for each case. Then, we briefly discuss the possible signature of hidden gauge bosons at collider experiments from the hidden SU(2)SU(2) symmetry.Comment: 28 pages, 10 figures, 2 table

    Additional file 4 of Impact of respiratory bacterial infections on mortality in Japanese patients with COVID-19: a retrospective cohort study

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    Additional file 4. Details of respiratory secondary infection

    Activated macrophages promote invasion by early colorectal cancer via an IL-1β-SAA1 axis

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    本研究は,低分化成分に着目して早期大腸がんの分子解析を行った.T1 大腸がんの臨床検体を用いたRNA-seqを行い,低分化成分でのserum amyloid A1(SAA1)の高発現を同定した.大腸がん細胞を用いた機能解析,マクロファージとの共培養実験,臨床検体の免疫染色解析の結果,T1大腸がんの浸潤先進部では,マクロファージとがん細胞がIL-1βとSAA1を介して相互作用することで浸潤を促進すると考えられ,SAA1が早期大腸がんの治療層別化マーカーおよび治療標的となる可能性が示唆された

    Flavor, CP and Metaplectic Modular Symmetries in Type IIB Chiral Flux Vacua

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    We examine symmetries of chiral four-dimensional vacua of Type IIB flux compactifications with vanishing superpotential W=0W=0. We find that the N=1{\cal N}=1 supersymmetric MSSM-like and Pati-Salam vacua possess enhanced discrete symmetries in the effective action below the mass scale of stabilized complex structure moduli and dilaton. Furthermore, a generation number of quarks/leptons is small on these vacua where the flavor, CP and metaplectic modular symmetries are described in the framework of eclectic flavor symmetry.Comment: 30 pages, 5 figure
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