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    Erratum: Dynamics of the Bounds of Squared Concurrence [Phys. Rev. A 79, 032306 (2009)]

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    This is an erratum to our paper.Comment: a little different from the published versio

    The Dynamics of the Bounds of Squared Concurrence

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    We study the dynamics of upper and lower bounds of squared concurrence.Our results are similar to that of Konard et al. and can help the estimation of high-dimension bipartite entanglement in experiments.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figures accepted by PR

    Particle Entanglement in Rotating Gases

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    In this paper, we investigate the particle entanglement in 2D weakly-interacting rotating Bose and Fermi gases. We find that both particle localization and vortex localization can be indicated by particle entanglement. We also use particle entanglement to show the occurrence of edge reconstruction of rotating fermions. The different properties of condensate phase and vortex liquid phase of bosons can be reflected by particle entanglement and in vortex liquid phase we construct a trial wave function in the viewpoint of entanglement to relate the ground state with quantum Hall state. Finally, the relation between particle entanglement and interaction strength is studied.Comment: 7 pages, 9 figure

    The Decay of Multiqudit Entanglement

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    We investigate the decay of entanglement of a generalized N-qudit GHZ state, with each qudit passing through independently in a quantum noisy channel. By studying the time at which the entanglement completely vanishes and the time at which the entanglement becomes arbitrarily small, we try to find how the robustness of entanglement is influenced by dimension d and the number of particles N.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    Quantum Information Approach to Rotating Bose-Einstein Condensate

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    We investigate the 2D weakly interacting Bose-Einstein condensate in a rotating trap by the tools of quantum information theory. The critical exponents of the ground state fidelity susceptibility and the correlation length of the system are obtained for the quantum phase transition when the frst vortex is formed. We also find the single-particle entanglement can be an indicator of the angular momentums for some real ground states. The single-particle entanglement of fractional quantum Hall states such as Laughlin state and Pfaffian state is also studied.Comment: 4 pages, 6 figures, minimal changes are mad