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    Cointegration growth, poverty and inequality in Sudan

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    This analytical review explores the links between growth, poverty and inequality in Sudan for the period 1956-2003. This paper build upon different models to investigate empirically the relationship between economic growth – as measured by GDP per capita growth- and inequality as measured by Gini coefficient (the growth, inequality and poverty triangle hypotheses), using data from the national and international sources. The paper tries to answer the following questions: i) whether growth, inequality and poverty are cointegrated, ii( whether growth Granger causes inequality, iii) and whether inequality Granger causes poverty. Finally, a VAR is constructed and impulse response functions (IRFs) are employed to investigate the effects of macroeconomic shocks. The results suggest that growth; poverty and inequality are cointegrated when poverty and inequality are the dependent variable, but are not cointegrated when growth is the dependent variable. In the long- run the causality runs from inequality, poverty to growth, to poverty. In the short-run causal effects, runs from poverty to growth. Thus, there is unidirectional relationship, running from growth to poverty, both in the long- run and short rungrowth; poverty; inequality; Sudan

    Social protection and economic growth in the Sudan: Trends, perspectives, cointegration and causality

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    This paper takes into account the recent role of social protection on economic growth as a socio-economic-political stabilizer. Social protection outcome in Sudan is influenced by limited targeting actions with very low interventions between results in economic growth and accesses to basic social services. These may affects the social protection contributes to the process of development in the Sudan during the period under consideration. The results show that more social spending increase output which enhances GDP per capita growth by 0.5% with 3.1% towards convergence equilibrium in the long run. Moreover, universal approach and expanded cover to social protection services which aim at building a social protection as a productive factor may have contributed to enhancing income security, education and health outcomes, reducing the poverty, income inequality, socio-political stability, encouraged poor productive activities and enhancing economic growth lead to sustainable development.Social Protection, Growth, Cointegration, causality, Sudan

    Arabic Spelling Correction using Supervised Learning

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    In this work, we address the problem of spelling correction in the Arabic language utilizing the new corpus provided by QALB (Qatar Arabic Language Bank) project which is an annotated corpus of sentences with errors and their corrections. The corpus contains edit, add before, split, merge, add after, move and other error types. We are concerned with the first four error types as they contribute more than 90% of the spelling errors in the corpus. The proposed system has many models to address each error type on its own and then integrating all the models to provide an efficient and robust system that achieves an overall recall of 0.59, precision of 0.58 and F1 score of 0.58 including all the error types on the development set. Our system participated in the QALB 2014 shared task "Automatic Arabic Error Correction" and achieved an F1 score of 0.6, earning the sixth place out of nine participants.Comment: System description paper that is submitted in the EMNLP 2014 conference shared task "Automatic Arabic Error Correction" (Mohit et al., 2014) in the Arabic NLP workshop. 6 page

    Conformal mapping of unbounded multiply connected regions onto canonical slit regions

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    We present a boundary integral equation method for conformal mapping of unbounded multiply connected regions onto five types of canonical slit regions. For each canonical region, three linear boundary integral equations are constructed from a boundary relationship satisfied by an analytic function on an unboundedmultiply connected region. The integral equations are uniquely solvable. The kernels involved in these integral equations are the modified Neumann kernels and the adjoint generalized Neumann kernels