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    Femtosecond soliton amplification in nonlinear dispersive traps and soliton dispersion management

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    The nonlinear pulse propagation in an optical fibers with varying parameters is investigated. The capture of moving in the frequency domain femtosecond colored soliton by a dispersive trap formed in an amplifying fiber makes it possible to accumulate an additional energy and to reduce significantly the soliton pulse duration. Nonlinear dynamics of the chirped soliton pulses in the dispersion managed systems is also investigated. The methodology developed does provide a systematic way to generate infinite ``ocean'' of the chirped soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (NSE) with varying coefficients.Comment: 7 pages, 10 figures, RevTe

    Hieroglyphs for the information age: Images as a replacement for characters for languages not written in the Latin-1 alphabet

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    One of the biggest existing problems for international users and international companies is the difficulty of displaying web pages written in multiple languages. This thesis project demonstrates a solution in which the problems of text encoding are eliminated by representing all of the text on a page as a series of image files. The Japanese text on several Japanese web pages was converted into glyphs, which were defined as image files containing images of text. The glyphs were arranged on new web pages, so that the same Japanese text can be read by any web surfer, regardless of the operating system or fonts available on his or her computer. Statistics are given to demonstrate that the proposed method can be used to generate glyph-based web pages quickly, that glyphs can be downloaded more quickly than other types of graphics (e.g. photographs and computer animation), that users with Japanese-language software on their computers find no significant difference between the text-based and glyph-based web pages, and that users without Japanese-language software were able to view the glyph-based web pages in Japanese. The new web pages are available for public download, at http://www.kcg.edu/event2 (GIF glyphs) and http://www.kcg.edu/event3 (JPEG glyphs)

    Bulk properties of nuclear matter in the relativistic Hartree approximation with cut-off regularization

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    A method of cut-off regularization is proposed to evaluate vacuum corrections in nuclear matter in the framework of the Hartree approximation. Bulk properties of nuclear matter calculated by this method are a good agreement with results analyzed by empirical values. The vacuum effect is quantitatively evaluated through a cut-off parameter and its role for saturation property and compressional properties is clarified.Comment: PACS numbers, 21.65.+f, 21.30.+

    Structural heterogeneity in the megathrust zone and mechanism of the 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake (Mw 9.0)

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    The great 2011 Tohoku-oki earthquake (Mw 9.0) and its 339 foreshocks and 5,609 aftershocks (9–27 March 2011) were relocated using a three-dimensional seismic velocity model and local P and S wave arrival times. The distribution of relocated hypocenters was compared with a tomographic image of the Northeast Japan forearc. The comparison indicates that the rupture nucleation of the largest events in the Tohoku-oki sequence, including the mainshock, was controlled by structural heterogeneities in the megathrust zone