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    BSM Primary Effects: The complete set of predictions from the dimension-6 BSM Lagrangian

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    We present a physical parameterization of the leading effects beyond the SM (BSM), that give us, at present, the best way to constrain heavy new-physics at low-energies. We call these effects that constrain all possible interactions at the dimension 6 level, BSM Primary effects; there are 8 primaries related to Higgs physics, 3 related to Triple Gauge Couplings and 7 related to Z- pole measurements at LEP. Starting from these experimentally measurable deformations (and not operators), we construct the dimension 6 Lagrangian in a bottom up way. We, thus, show that other BSM effects are not independent from the primary ones and we provide the explicit correlations. We also discuss the theoretical expectation for the size of these BSM primaries in some well-motivated BSM theories.Comment: Based on talk given at DIS 2014. This talk was completely based on arXiv:1405.0181, which was written in collaboration with A. Pomarol and F. Riv

    Signature of strong atom-cavity interaction on critical coupling

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    We study a critically coupled cavity doped with resonant atoms with metamaterial slabs as mirrors. We show how resonant atom-cavity interaction can lead to a splitting of the critical coupling dip. The results are explained in terms of the frequency and lifetime splitting of the coupled system.Comment: 8 pages, 5 figure

    Comparison of the Effects of Coconut Oil and Soyabean Oil on TSH Level and Weight Gain in Rabbits

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    The present study was conducted on 12 albino rabbits of either sex and weighing between 1-1.5kg to see the influence of coconut oil and soyabean oil on serum TSH levels and weight gain for a period of 12 weeks.  The rabbits were divided into 2 groups of six each.  Rabbits in group 1 were fed on coconut oil and in group 2 were fed on soyabean oil in addition to their standard diet.  At the end of 12 weeks we found that rabbits fed on soyabean oil had significant increase in TSH levels (p= 0.003) and gained more weight (p=0.000) when compared to rabbits fed on coconut oil

    Parametrization of the quark mixing matrix involving its eigenvalues

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    A parametrization of the 3×33\times 3 Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, VV, is presented in which the parameters are the eigenvalues and the components of its eigenvectors. In this parametrization, the small departure of the experimentally determined VV from being moduli symmetric (i.e. Vij=Vji|V_{ij}|=|V_{ji}|) is controlled by the small difference between two of the eigenvalues. In case, any two eigenvalues are equal, one obtains a moduli symmetric VV depending on only three parameters. Our parametrization gives very good fits to the available data including CP-violation. Our value of sin2β0.7\sin 2\beta\approx 0.7 and other parameters associated with the ` unitarity triangle' V11V13+V21V23V31V33=0V_{11}V_{13}^{*}+V_{21}V_{23}^{*}V_{31}V_{33}^{*}=0 are in good agreement with data and other analyses.Comment: Latex, 11 pages, no figure